A commanding amalgam of ambient doom folk rock, driven by emotive vocals, haunting atmospheres, and gritty, poignant guitar. Red's raw contralto is reminiscent of Vic Chestnutt while Sami creates a dark, primordial landscape with the simultaneous use of keyboard, percussion, and vocals. "What punk rock would have been had it evolved from The Velvet Underground's airy slowness rather than their minimalism." (Alexander Ortega, SLUG Magazine)

The two met at a house party in San Francisco in the fall of 2006, but didn't begin playing music together until 2009. Red, who was playing in a jagged rock band at the time, wanted to strip back his approach to song-writing to emphasize the vocals, as he had done when composing score for college theater. Sami, while dancing in a modern dance company and studying Haitian dance, gradually became more involved in the song-writing process and started playing drums. Catapulted by a crashing economy, their philosophical and artistic perspectives came together, and a musical project was born.

Honing their sound and style while touring around the northwest, their debut album Orb Weaver was mixed partly by themselves, and partly by the people they met along the way. It was released in May 2012 on Portland-based NxNW Records. "Callow's instrumentation is sparse, with chords that ring out on the piano and guitar-picking patterns that walk in single file, culminating in darkly beautiful compositions... Orb Weaver is simply beautiful in its melancholic woolgathering."

Sunbeam RD.

A Bay Area three piece, craft a tense and expansive sound via psychedelic guitars, purposeful melodies, and restraint. Willing to fall apart completely exploring the margins of harmonic rock, their live shows can toe the edge of cacophony. At their best they reach into hook-laden, fuzz-saturated trance states.

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