Iced Ink, Smother Party, Blues in Space, Wu Li

Iced Ink

Iced Ink is an instru-mental bass/drums/guitar trio out of Brooklyn, New York. Their music is a pop culture stream of conscience: the consumption, digestion, product, and by-product of all the movies, TV shows, commercials, and songs of your life - all neatly crammed into unique 4 minute long meatballs for your ears.

Smother Party

Smother Party is Mike Eber, [guitar] Kirk Schoenherr, [guitar] Sam Levin, [drums]

Wu Li's live show feels a bit like a controlled experiment. Much like the phenomenon of their namesake and the tradition of improvisation itself, you can't plan for the experience; it's more of a lightning storm. Their self-titled debut album, more accurate and contained, lets the lightning seep out a bit. Wu Li delivers a clean, honest sound you can get intimate with; it provides the backdrop for a world clamoring to understand itself. It inspires. It uplifts. It makes you move. It makes you think. For those so inclined Wu Li offers lightning itself. Catch it if you can.



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