Time Relapse at Jolly's Dueling Piano Bar

Time Relapse

There is a rift in current music between the forgettable, oversimplified homogeneity of pop music and the inaccessibly complex depth of more progressive outfits. Time Relapse combines elements from both sides of this dichotomy to create their unforgettable and extremely variable style of music.

Lee and Anthony began playing music together at Penn State University in early 2011 and, after being pushed by friends and co-workers to pursue their musical interests, they began playing out and honing their sound. In order to record their self-titled debut album, they rented a house in North-Western Pennsylvania and spent nine months fervently writing, recording, and producing. The house ended up being infested with mold and sent Anthony to the hospital and almost killed him, however the duo still managed to get their album completed and printed in time for it’s 2012 Cinco de Mayo release.

Incorporating components of bands such as Led Zeppelin, Dave Matthews Band, Incubus, Pink Floyd, Dispatch, and Umphrey’s Mcgee, Time Relapse places an equal emphasis on every instrument, allowing each one to hold its own throughout their entire catalogue. Never staying within musical borders, each song presents different ideas, influences, and playing styles; while their self-titled album is a conceptually produced experimental journey through a war-torn world parallel to our own, the band's second, third, and fourth albums, “The Figure”, “The Shadow”, and “The Reflection” are progressive psychedelic collages of instrumental set pieces and improvised material, with all tracks recorded live in a single take. Their fifth album, “Universe Calling” combines elements from all their previous works and includes lyrics on the majority of tracks. Different still is their live material which features Lee on acoustic guitar and Anthony on electric or acoustic guitar, with each member periodically switching on and off the djembe for specific songs. Their newest release “The Machine” pushes their sound to a whole new level, utilizing the electric guitar and djembe to create a worldly, almost ethereal soundscape.

Currently Lee and Anthony reside in the Philadelphia suburbs and are pushing their skills to the limit in order to put out thought-provoking, exciting music that instantly catches peoples’ attention and leaves a lasting impression. The band’s most exciting opportunity to date has come in the form of an opening slot for Tim Reynolds (of the Dave Matthews Band) and his band TR3 in November 2012.

Backseat Chronicles

Eric Sommer

Since 1995 Eric has been touring and playing all over the US and plays an average of 200 - 270 shows a year. He has been a regular performer at The Bayfront Blues Festival in Duluth, MN, The Carrboro Festival in Carrboro, NC and the Festival for the ENO in Raleigh, NC. Recent shows have included bills with Mates of State, OLD 97's, Austin, Texas Guitar wiz Monte Montgomery and Jerry Douglas of Union Station, Sarah Watkins of Nickel Creek and Built to Spill... Jim Reed of Savannah Connect said "Anyone who's been in need of a fix of spectacular, percussive and top notch virtuosic guitar work can rest easily. Eric Sommer's coming to town; one of the finest American guitar players on the road today Eric is an American original ... a poet, songwriter and showman... and the master of all things Americana"



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