Andy The Doorbum, Robert Childers and the Luciferian Agenda, Chalkies, Ghost Trees

Andy The Doorbum

Andy the Doorbum's been writing and playing music since he was 14, and would you believe it? He's still doin it! He's released 5 splits, 3 EPs, and just released his 4th full length as a Double Vinyl LP! He intends to survive.

Robert Childers and the Luciferian Agenda

Percussive Luciferian Gospel / Psychedelic Folk Noir / Apocalypse Rock / Honky Tonk / Hillbilly Liberty Pickin'.


CHALKIES are garage punk rock n roll.
It's good for you.

Ghost Trees

Bringing the fire back to jazz since 2012, the sound found freedom discovered off the eastern coast. Interstellar space is now.



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