Gore Gore Luchadores, The ThoughtCriminals, Red Jesse and The Deadmen, Your Fuzzy Friends, Karaoke!

Gore Gore Luchadores

Girls getting rad in the ring for a good cause!

The ThoughtCriminals

it's like these rappers, mikal kHill and sulfur, and one of them plays a nintendo and the other plays turntables.

Red Jesse and The Deadmen

futurefolk hearthop. spit nugget chunks of rainbows brite and love you a lot

Your Fuzzy Friends

No two ways about it, Your Fuzzy Friends is the hottest new-wave puppet band of the American indie scene. Their danceable electro-pop sounds and amusing antics will having you shaking your ass and laughing it off at the same time. Join hipster god Mono the Unicorn and all his plush pals in their riotous musical adventures! Accompanying them on tour is the maddeningly upbeat band manager Lee (the human of the entourage), booking this rag-tag band into highly inappropriate gigs...and into your heart. If you like being felt up by someone made of felt, Your Fuzzy Friends will touch you in ways that make you feel special! Uncomfortable…but special.


FREE Karaoke Night with Battleship and Wyley B!

$5.00 - $7.00


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