KYTAMI is a violinistextremist. Arguably Canada's most diverse and engaging fiddle player, she is an unbelievably energetic performer. Kytami can bound between classical and fiddle styles, match them to heavy bass and electronic dance beats and then effortlessly cross genres to combine her skills and sound with the pounding of skins in punk and metal. With her abilities, style and devilish smile, she has won over audience after audience, appearing at most major festivals across Canada and in the Western U.S. and performed overseas in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Berlin and Dubai. Kytami has appeared on albums released by The Swollen Members and The Rebel Spell, collaborated with bands such as Third Eye Tribe, Goatsblood and legendary dub producer The Mad Professor as well as written and toured extensively with the multi-cultural, award winning band Delhi 2 Dublin.

Jay Tablet

All emotions of a rising artist / producer / graphic designer / manager etc, are displayed through 18 solid uptempo tracks. "P.I.O.T.T ." was created in under 4 months, with mostly hooks and choruses that were recorded with more of a freestyle type of creating. The tracks were created on Jay Tablet's pure feeling at that moment. Deep thoughts mixed with a poetry style of writing makes this album an interesting and different piece of musical history. Turn on track one and enjoy the journey.

TownTroniks featuring Cole x SunRu x Hunny Tinted

Towntroniks, one of Oakland California’s most eclectic array of dynamic urban music. Comprised of heavy electric slaps by some of the bay’s most formidable artist, Towntroniks is a life preserver for an otherwise sinking industry. Spearheaded by master producers BigTunes and Key Hudson, Towntronik includes submissions and features by leading Bay Area artists Cava, Viveca Hawkins, Cole, Jahi and Kirby Dominate to name a few. This collage of crunk club bangers stands to push musical borders right off the earth’s surface. Towntroniks blends the genres of Electro, Soul House, Hip-Hop, Dubstep and Pop into a blender to produce a rush that puts LSD way out of business. Playful but mature, frenzied but seductive, this compilation speedy RPM Songs cannot be compared or measured by any other compilation ever produced for it rips a wide hole into to space time continuum to expose a future centuries away. A celebration of music’s next stage, I give you, Towntroniks.

DJ Boom Town

dj Boomtown
One Destiny Productions
Victoria, BC, Canada

Hailing from the "mile of gold" (Kirkland Lake ON) Boomtown has been diggin' for golden beats since he traded his hockey equipment for 100w amp and bass guitar. Boomtown is the new Bass music project of Laughlin Meagher (AKA DJ Desunos, Through his work as a live musician & community organiser, electronic music has become a natural evolution for this dynamic performer. With 20 years on stage & 7 behind the beats, Boomtown knows how to rock an audience and is well known for wicked taste in music, his harmonica solos, skill on the melodica, live MCing, guitar and Live FX. Boomtown is producing electronic music and remixes in Ableton Live, and plans to release an E.P. by the fall of 2013. Crossing many genres, Boomtown (as Desunos)has shared the stage with local and international acts including Adham Shaikh, Kaminanada, David Starfire, Kytami, Timothy Wisdom, Gaudi, Liquid Stranger, Delhi to Dublin, Shane Philip, Trevor Moontribe, Andrew Interchill, DJ Nils and many more.
Boomtown's debut performance was from his self propelled dj booth on the back of his bike while Gooseballin at a Random location somewhere outside of Victoria BC.

DJ True Justice

True Justice, aka The Man of Steel, has been a pioneer in the Bay Area Hip Hop scene since 1989. In an era where real deejaying skills have become scare, True Justice holds the torch, and is known for tearing clubs down in every city and every town. No stranger to hustle and showmanship, he comes from the era of constantly packing the vinyl crates and being out on the road!

True's ambition is to showcase the amount of talent that he has amassed in the last 17 years in Northern California, better known as The Yay Area. While still in high school, True Justice was a hip hop dancer for the Oakland, CA super-group A.P.G. (Action Packed Gangstas), and at the age of 16, he found himself doing concerts with the likes of Digital Underground, Capital Tax, Paris and K-Cloud -- while witnessing first hand the birth of the independent hip hop game in the culturally rich Bay Area.

From 1989-91, True studied A.P.G.'s master DJ J-Cutt as he amazed crowds night after night with his show-stealing solo routines with two turntables, a mixer, and two copies of the same record. When he arrived in Berkeley in 1992, True Justice (then known as DJ Skillz), traded his patent leather shoes for two Technic turntables and a Gemini mixer. For years you could see True selling cassette tapes on Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley, CA alongside favorites of today: Living Legends, Saafir, and the Hobo Junction.

In 1996, True formed the All Purpose DJs with Lord Takim, DJ Styles, and DJ Lex. That same year he began a career of show deejaying, first with Dream Nefra, and then later with Mic T, AceyAlone & Abstract Rude, Aesop and Planet Asia. He is currently Guerrilla Funk's resident DJ, handling tour duties with Paris and T-K.A.S.H. He also works with Enzyme Dynamite of The Bayliens. As a duo True Justice and DJ Lex released Volume 1 in 1997, Aural Sex Volume 2 in 1998, AP2K in 2000, and Pound Fa Pound in 2004. All releases quickly became local classics. The All Purpose DJs have excited crowds with icons such as Slick Rick, Biz Markie, Notorious B.I.G., Xzibit, Phife, Keak Da Sneak, Above The Law, and E-40.

In 2001, True and Lex toured in Osaka, Japan, garnering legions of fans of their dexterity on the wheels of steel. A bonafide student of showmanship, True continued to hone his craft, and in 2007, True Justice dropped his self-titled debut album and joined forces with The Bayliens -- "Aliens from The Bay" -- and dropped the CD Crop Circles in the same year.

From 2007 to 2011, True Justice toured worldwide with The Bayliens, Living Legends, Mistah F.A.B., Zion I, Paris, The Alkaholiks, Jeru The Damaja, Lords Of The Underground, The Beatnuts, Onyx, Redman and EPMD. Now, in 2012, he is poised to release his sophomore effort, The Man of Steel, on Guerrilla Funk, with production assistance by Paris and featuring Planet Asia and The Bayliens.



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