Living With Lions

Living With Lions

A decent apartment is not an easy thing to find when moving to Vancouver, so when the soon to be members of Living with Lions moved in to their first Vancouver house, they never expected it would be so pivotal in the shaping of their next year. Having similar interests in music, beverages and fun, the boys and their house soon became known for their ruckus get-togethers and parties. A popular spot for any east Vancouver youth to let loose and have a good time, a title was soon given to the house so many had become familiar with: Dude Manor. Before long, the house-mates turned the basement into a jam space and studio, and the friends quickly found themselves with a solid line-up of songs and deemed themselves Living with Lions.

Leaving the basement behind for the road, August found the band touring through the Canadian Midwest with Smallman recording artists Daggermouth. On their return, the band jumped in to the studio and recorded 7 songs to be featured on their fittingly titled debut E.P, Dude Manor. After winning over a solid local fan-base, the Lions released Dude Manor and enjoyed two successful tours down the American West Coast.

As both the band and the neighbour's noise complaints became more serious, a move had to be made to a proper jam space. After the most epic of parties, Living with Lions moved out of Dude Manor leaving their first chapter behind.

Last Call

Last Call was formed back in the summer of 2009 at there dj's house during a clam boil. He invited the band to perform and brought his turntables out and spun with the band. At the end of the night he was invited to practice. After that, Last Call was born. There music has been described to be a mix of rap, rock, funk and reggae. Sublime style with a little older Red Hot Chili Peppers.
They started performing at house parties, charity events and local bars on the south shore. Then they finnaly got there chance to play in Boston at Church. They headline the event and packed the place. From there they booked the Middle East in Cambridge. They headlined that event too and had the place jammin. Now they have been asked to perform at the Hard Rock in Boston. 5 uniqu guys with an ear and style for music. Be sure to follow us and keep up to dye with future shows.

$10.00 - $12.00


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