Midwest Metal Anthem 2013

Midwest Metal Anthem 2013

Ancient Creation

Ancient Creation is Heavy Metal in its purest form, with no concern for being modern or trendy. The only goals are to push the limits of their ability and create great progressive old school power metal.

Ancient Creation is Heavy Metal in its purest form, with no concern for being modern or trendy. The only goals are to push the limits of their ability and create great progressive old school power metal. Guitarist Peter Nisenkier decided to form a band that would combine elements of Power Metal, complex song arrangements, aggressive drums, powerful vocals and experimental sounds such as world music. First to come aboard was bassist Andy Critz, a former band mate of Pete's from the band Sativa. The next few months were spent on song writing and then it was time to find a drummer. After trying out many drummers the band lucked out and found Mike Burns, Sharing a love for powerful technical Heavy Metal, the music started to come together easily. After experimenting with different styles and working with various vocalists, it became clear that this band was turning into a no frills classic Power Metal band. After another short search the band came across vocalist Steve Bentley, just back from doing the Milwaukee Metalfest with his former band Darkside. Steve had been looking to do something different and fell right in with the feel and the Power that Ancient Creation was becoming. Mike decided to part ways after the releases of their first CD "Evolution Bound" releases on now defunkt Melissa Records, leaving the band to search for a new drummer, after a short searth the band found Kevin Keeton formaly of the industrial band Swill and with the new addition of a second guitarist being Maxx Christopher formal lead guitarist and vocalist with the clasicc metal band Graven Image the search was over and Ancient creation was complete. Now that all the pieces of the puzzle are in place Ancient Creation intends to leave their mark on a scene that has been long gone. As individuals they have toured the entire United States and long to do so again with this Dark Powerful Band. They have opened for several national bands such as Strapping Young Lad, Body Count, Helstar, Lacuna Coil, Cage, Lizzy Borden, Fight, Trouble and most recently Metal Church, Cellador, Meliah Rage, Manilla Road, ASKA, Leatherwolf, Catch 22, Joey Belladonna and look forward to opening for many more. The band has released one major release with their debut CD out on now defunkt Melissa Records called "Evolution Bound". The Band has currently finished the recording of there second release called "Moonlight Monument" that will be released on the bands new label and longtime supporter of the scene Heaven & Hell Records that the band recently signed with and are proud to become part of their family. The new CD was recorded at Studio City in Kansas City, Missouri using the most up to date Protools and mixed& Produced by Adam Lichtenaur and Ancient Creation and then sent to be mastered at Nomad Recording Studio in Texas by Gary long (King Diamond, Solitude Aeturnus). They have expanded their touring to pretty much anywhere that they are wanted, be it the Midwest, Coast to Coast or traveling abroad to distant lands... Ancient Creation's live performances are filled with raw energy, fast crazy guitar work, clear powerful vocals, and thunderous drums. They have currently finished working on their 2nd release for a 2011 date that will be released on Heaven & Hell Records that will surely stand way above their debut and show the fans that we are still here to dish out our style of METAL !!! They are looking forward to showing the world what they have to offer and for the fans to remember the Dark Power Metal of Ancient Creation.


Melodic,aggressive heavy metal music,
Influences Overkill, Testament,Judas Priest,King Diamond,Iron Maiden,Dio,Accept,Metal Church,Slayer,Black Sabbath,Megadeth,old Metalica

Slauter Xstroyes

Eden's Fall

After parting ways with original singer and guitarist in April 2000 founding members Ray Smith(drum), Tony Gronowski(guitar), and Dan Gronowski (bass) quickly recruited guitarist Rob Aquino into the band, finding a new singer though was not going to be easy. After three months of posting ads and auditioning singers that just didn't seem to fit in, lead singer John Barr answered their ad in a local music magazine. after a couple of practices everybody was on the same page both musically and personality wise. With the line up solidified Eden's Fall was officially formed in august 2000. The bands older material with original singer and guitarist was revamped musically, and John wrote new lyrics and melody lines for the songs to better fit his vocal style, the material the band was currently writing with new guitarist Rob was finished, one more song was written with by the two newest members, and a few cover songs were learned. on January 27, 2000 the band played their first show together at riley's rock house in aurora, IL and shortly after were asked to come back and open up for the legendary metal band Overkill. These guys are off to a damn good start, and the future of Eden's Fall looks even more promising.

Sin After Sin

Sin after Sin is Midwest's Premier Tribute to Judas Priest. Along with bringing the Judas Priest experience to the stage, Sin after Sin also includes music of Halford and Fight bringing the full experience to one stage! A must see!

Formed in late 2010 by bassist Brent Sullivan, best known from the underground bands such as Slauter Xstroyes, Winter Kill and Mindwarp Chamber to name a few, Brent decided to have some fun and pay tribute to one of his many favorite groups. Since the market is saturated with so many of the same tribute bands in Chicago, Judas Priest was one gap in the market so he went for it.
First to join the fold was Briant Daniel (ala Tipton) and Neven Trivic (guitarist for Rival) (ala K.K.) on guitars. The first year, the original drummer and vocalist decided to leave the band and were replaced with drummer Joe Manske (formally of Degradation) and vocalist Joe Martina (formally of Priest Unleashed from St. Louis and Judas Rising from Chicago). Joe also performed and recorded with Chicago’s own Damien Thorne. Sin after Sin regrouped once again late 2012 and became road ready to take on the Midwest and beyond in 2013.

Sin After Sin is the Ultimate Midwest tribute to Judas Priest along with Halford's solo work and Fight

Iniquity Of Symmetry

Traditional heavy metal, rock, and slightly progressive



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