Midwest Metal Anthem 2013

Midwest Metal Anthem 2013

Ancient Dreams

Traditional Heavy Metal from Chicago,
Manilla Road, Angel Witch, Diamond Head, Maiden, Priest, Sabbath, Helloween, Candlemass, Gamma Ray, Thin Lizzy, Deep Purple, Uriah Heep


Hailing from Chicago and the UK, CRUSADER is relatively new to the metal scene in Chicago, although they are all veterans of playing live music, having only been officially a band since spring of 2010. Tired of hearing run-of-the-mill corporate produced 'metal', CRUSADER decided to raise the flag and rally the troops to their banner.
Raised on classic rock, speed metal and thrash through to doom, and everything in between and beyond, CRUSADER proudly and unashamedly wear their influences on their sleeves.

Divinity Compromised

Divinity Compromised is a melodic progressive metal band with a heavy yet accessible sound and a focus on musicianship as well as symphonic and electronic soundscapes

Divinity Compromised was formed in 2009 and features several veterans of the Chicago-area metal scene. The band has focused on creating a heavy, yet melodic and accessible sound with a focus on musicianship and soundscapes using symphonic and electronic elements. The band played its first shows in 2010 and has already played several prominent Chicago venues including Metro Chicago.

In addition to live performance, the band has been steadily honing its debut release, A World Torn, which will be unleashed in March 2013. The album's themes explore mankind's fascination with religion, destruction and its own future as the world continues to crumble around us. Full album support will commence in spring of 2013 in the Chicago area and surrounding regions, where Divinity Compromised will bring its unique soundscape to live shows everywhere.

What does the future hold for us as we fade out of existence?

Born Of The Wicked: A Tribute To Iced Earth

We are an Iced Earth Tribute band from Chicago, IL.
Born of the Wicked is an Iced Earth tribute band from the Chicagoland area. Born of the Wicked was formed in 2011 by guitarist Matt Wolf. Born of the Wicked plays venues in Chicago, IL and the surrounding suburbs. We are available for various shows and other events.

The band plays over thirty songs from Iced Earth's extensive discography. From their early songs like Stormrider, Iced Earth, and Burnt Offerings all the way to their most recent release like, Anthem, Anguish of Youth, and Days of Rage . With such an extensive set list, the band is available to play anywhere from 30 to 90+ minute sets.

The current lineup features Matt Wolf on guitar and vocals, Eddie Suerth on guitar and vocals, Jon Corston on guitar, Alex Skibicki on bass, and Bill Currie on drums. For booking info contact Matt Wolf at bornofthewicked@gmail.com

Damien Thorne

you know them, you fear them



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