The Bright White, Magatha Trysty, The Drama State

The Bright White

"Listening to their single "Red Summer Rose," it's easy to imagine them going places far and wide beyond the Windy City to lands inhabited by The Killers and Kings of Leon." (Rock Turtleneck)

Comprised of four working class guys who proudly wear their hearts on their sleeves, Chicago's The Bright White debuted in 2011. Frontman Matthew Kayser and guitarist Joe O'Leary dreamt up the concept of an infectiously loud and spirited rock n' roll band months before they were fortunate enough to have drummer Steve Zelenko and bassist Peter Krutiak respond to a Craigslist ad for a rhythm section. Inspired songwriting sessions and a slew of local and regional bookings immediately followed.

Fueled by Kayser's impassioned vocals and their own brand of careening, yet smart, rock n' roll, The Bright White released their second album, Lose Yourself, in June of 2012. They look forward to connecting with audiences who have been waiting for sing-along choruses, fist-in-the-air guitar solos and the swagger of a band who knows its best days are ahead.

"Reminiscent of early Foo Fighters, Oasis or Superdrag, one couldn't help but look at the leather jacket clad rockers and be taken back to a time in their life where they threw up a fist and banged their underage heads as they sang along on a school night at their favorite dingy, smoke-filled venue." (Lost in Concert)

Magatha Trysty

Chicago indie rockers Magatha Trysty are a power-pop force to be reckoned with. This four-piece outfit is making its mark with narrative songwriting, undeniable hooks, and sweet boy/girl harmonies – delivered with a kinetic punch. Their exuberant live shows – featuring manic guitar riffage, tasteful keyboard color, witty lyrics, in-your-face delivery and bombastic rhythmic energy – bring their diverse and solid set of original rock music to the next level. The critical praise that followed the release of their 2012 debut album, Your Clothes Will Wear Themselves, drew comparisons to R.E.M., Electric Light Orchestra, Blondie, and Material Issue, and the band's forthcoming second LP promises to raise the bar with epic songwriting and soaring harmonies.

The Drama State

Sometimes you've just got to get over it, and that's exactly what The Drama State is about. Forming from member departures and additions from different bands The Drama State from Gas City, Indiana plays infectious rock n' roll music that you won't be able to ignore, even if you try.
The newly formed band already has a ton of experience from previous bands.

(Promoted on ’11 Van’s Warped Tour, a headlining UK tour & over 850 shows the last 7 years.)

They are ready to bring their engaging, upbeat,
head held high show to even more people across the globe.
Their name being a confrontation of the constant smiles in the face,
and knives in the back that everyone experiences in life.
The Drama State is about letting the grudges go,
having a great time with your friends,
and with The Drama State you've just made 5 more.

Bring the noise. Bring the ruckus. Bring The Drama State.

$5.00 - $7.00


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