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Stammerings started out with Warren Sharp hearing Darious Cox in a practice room on the second day of fall semester 2012 while at NCCU. 4 months of musical experimentation, members coming in and then out, gigging with other musicians, and finally a solid member. Kenny Wheeler started paying with the group in February of 2013 and since then there has been a disappearing guitarist that comes rarely to rehearsals and then when someone is making electronic music, shows up and drinks the beer and eats the doughnuts. So we are Darious Cox, Kenny Wheeler, and Warren Sharp and these are our Stammerings in music.

Embers End

The beginning of Embers End. In the summer of 2013, Emily Pate and Bryant Lovette formed a band. Their idea was to craft catchy indie tunes with heavy folk leanings. Their tools were their acoustic guitars, their powerful voices, and their mutual yearning for truth, beauty, and love in music. Together, they invited John Reardon and Matthew Kilby to take part in their adventure.

Drawing influence from bands such as Of Monsters and Men, The Head and the Heart, and Mumford & Sons, Embers End seeks to breathe life into the folk genre while creating a sound which can be described as acoustic indie folk.

A duo of natural storytellers, Pate and Lovette weave their voices together with thrilling vibrancy. Reardon compliments the two with a third voice, the voice of his amber-toned instrument, the cello. As for Kilby, Embers End marches to the beat of his drumming.

Embers End is a group of dreamers desirous of company. Join us and we’ll share a dream together.



IMPORTANT: In accordance with NC Law, membership is required to attend shows at Local 506. For more info, click here

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