The Wave Commission, Wild Ass

The Wave Commission

Wild Ass

Soaked in whiskey and sweat, dripping talent and other fluids, Wild Ass is the newest San Francisco supergroup to emerge on the scene. Composed of five young veterans of the Bay Area music scene, Wild Ass covers and slays hard rock songs of the mid-late 70's and early 80's.

Think back. No, further back. Hazy days, fluffy hair, quaaludes and beastly rock and roll. Heart. Kiss. Van Halen. Thin Lizzy. Edgar Winter. Bone crushing riffs, bombastic lyrics, and intricate musicianship. All of this, Wild Ass delivers in spades.

But the Ass aren't just for the ears, they are for the eyes, and boy, are they outta sight, man! Kimonos, spandex, leather, animal print, face paint, and headbands are just a few pieces of their wardrobe. Smoke, mirrors, and light displays are common as well at their shows.

The band's lead singer is Carla Selvin (Garden Party), saucy, sexy and owner of a powerful pair of pipes. Scorching lead guitar is handled by blues-rock virtuoso, Jesse Cobb (Chris Cobb Band, Blue Horizon), while meaty rhythm grooves are laid down by resident vegan Colin Hayes (Owl Paws). The band is rounded out by talented multi-instrumentalist Theresa Sawi (Girl Named T, Garden Party), and wild animal behind the kit, George Rosenthal (Lou Lou & The Guitarfish).

Wild Ass is not one only one of the most fun rock bands around, but also one of the most talented. Whether you want to have one last night in 1976, or simply want to change your party from boring to totally bitchin', Wild Ass is the band to see.


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