Michelle Newman

Michelle Newman returns to the New York music scene bringing fresh, hook-laden songs that combine a rock/pop sound with elements of soul and blues. With influences ranging from Stevie Wonder to Janis Joplin, Michelle Newman composes raw, catchy melodies that correspond with their poetic lyrics. Born in Brooklyn, raised in Jersey, Michelle eventually settled in New York City. Impacted by classic rock legends from very early on, (her parents took her to her first Pink Floyd concert at age 5), music was a constant in her life. Michelle began playing the violin at 4, the piano by 7, the saxophone by 10, and the drums by 14. But it was when she traded in her sax for her first guitar that Michelle's true passion materialized. She slowly began playing in small bars and clubs around Manhattan and was greeted with strong local acclaim. It was only when she moved to Los Angeles that she decided to take her music to the next level, constantly reworking her material and seeking a team of talented musicians to bring the songs to life. In 2004, she teamed up with co-writer/producer Tre Carn (Ice T), and together they built a solid catalog of songs. Soon after, they put together a band, The Newman Project, recorded a full length album, and played throughout the LA club scene. In 2006, however, Michelle decided to pull the plug on the band and re-record as a solo artist. She teamed up with producer Jason "J-Money" Kirk (Optimus), and together they recorded a self titled, 4 song EP. In March of 2008, Michelle returned to her beloved New York and hit the club scene immediately. In Spring 2011, Michelle plans to put out her recently comlpeted EP entitled "If." Check back in for upcoming show dates. Here's what some critics have said: "Michelle Newman has a dynamic texture to her voice. Whether Michelle is singing a straight rock tune like "Pay it Forward", or a down and dirty number like" Jack Daniels," the emotion always rings true. -- Carolyn Fox, host of the syndicated music show "KHZ Radio with Carolyn Fox." "Newman has a very troubling Joplin-ish, Joe Cocker desperation with vocals that jump right out and bite you, building and breaking like the never ending surf. . . it's very good. Ruben Macblue, Editor, Rock City News.

Natalie Jude

Natalie is a graduate of New York University with a degree in Music Education. She works for a non-profit organization in Manhattan and lives in New Jersey. Natalie has played at many venues in the New York Metropolitan area and is a regular at the Studio 12 Open Mic in Montclair NJ. She is currently producing her first record The Infinite Love EP with producer Nat Webb of the band Talking to Walls.

Justin Henry

"Big beats, innovative raw music, and just pushing the envelope musically....that's what I'm about."

Justin Henry, born in Mount Vernon, NY & raised in Baltimore, grew up as a kid who was born to do it. With no help he left Baltimore for New York on a scholarship as his way to gain more exposure and knowledge of the music industry while honing his craft. This eventually lead to him being a professional audio engineer working with some of the biggest music artist in the world while writing and producing for other artist. False starts and inconsistency with other artist caused him to hone in and become one himself.

Thus the Rebel One was Born!!!!

Fear the Working Man

Fused in Manhattan's underbelly, Fear the Working Man originated with the goal of bringing family and friends together for a Rock and Roll experience. Before the first studio session ended, however, a whole new vision took form. Incorporating Rock, Blues, Psychedelic, Hip-Hop and pretty much anything/everything else, FtWM now prides itself on its diverse soundscape and progressive nature. Lyrically, you can expect anything from brokenhearted blues to politically charged satire to existential angst (typically with a surrealist twist). Sonically, you can expect anything.

Joben (also known as Chris Jobes) is an electronic music producer/ DJ straight out of the Northern tip of the beautiful Garden State. If you like to dance, wobble, and bounce... or even if you don't, Joben might have something up his sleeve for you.

Marcus Weaver

Electronic music has been apart of me since the early 2000s. I mainly listen to Big Room House, Progressive House and Tech House and incorporate each sound into each of my sets.



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