Howl, Chicago Thrash Ensemble, Get Off The Cross, Beak

Providence, Rhode Island's HOWL ushers in a new age of iron and steel with their Relapse debut Full of Hell. Wave after wave of the quartet's devastating riffs pound hard as tracks 'Horns of Steel,' 'Jezebel,' 'The Scorpion's Last Sting' and the insidious crawl of 'Heavenless' make clear. Full of Hell rocks hard and heavy, and is as unrelenting as the title implies. Recommended if you like: MASTODON, BOLT THOWER, ENTOMBED, KINGDOM OF SORROW, BARONESS, CROWBAR, KYLESA, DOWN, TORCHE, MELVINS, COALESCE

Chicago Thrash Ensemble

CTE is influenced by your mom, mostly, and they are interested in anger and sports.

Get Off The Cross

Four piece pizzacrustcoreviolence from the ovens of hell. Brought together by a mutual hunger for pizza, weed, and the apocalypse, GOTC will leave your belly full like a deadbeat dad


Beak. Post idiocy metal rock. Screw it.


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