'Here Comes Saturn' Album Release Show

'Here Comes Saturn' Album Release Show

Here Comes Saturn, Toby Singer’s solo debut, is a return to some of the musical styles that he was playing around with in his early twenties. Always enamored with the sound of Nick Drake, he has tried to meld some of his own musical sentiment with Drake’s, at times on this record. Intrigued by travel, both physical and mental,

Toby has often written songs that explore the idea that, perhaps, things could be better elsewhere. As a result, the music has a certain 'wanderer' quality to it—a certain restlessness.

There's also unease with growing up. The return of Saturn, as an astrological concept, states that around one's 27th or 28th birthday, Saturn returns to the place it was when you were born. This ends up as a time of personal upheaval and inner conflict. If you make it out the other end, you often find yourself in a better place.

Brooklyn groups Edu and the Nightmare River Band join Toby Singer in celebrating the release of Here Comes Saturn.

Toby Singer

Toby Singer started writing songs on lazy, late-summer days spent on the banks of Lake Michigan. In music school he wrote delicate, acoustic-guitar songs like one of his favorite singers Elliott Smith, complete with self-conscious vocal double tracking--when he was supposed to be studying European art songs. In Charleston, South Carolina, Toby moved into a dilapidated shack of a house downtown that he shared with drug-addled but lovable chefs. When he lived on the beach, he built a studio in the garage, sharing the creative space with cockroaches and sand. Several years later, living in Brooklyn, during a hiatus from the melancholic falsetto of his afro-pop band Go Go Ghost, he returned to the guitar and the quiet, hushed vocals of those summers on Lake Michigan.


edu (ee-doo) is the moniker of andrew horowitz. he released "sketches" on cassette tape in march of 2013 to critical acclaim. since then he's been developing a new batch of tunes. he's also a member of tally hall and a producer/writer, most recently working on john legend's forthcoming album.

The Nightmare River Band

The Nightmare River Band has drawn comparisons to alt/folk/country contemporaries such as Mumford and Sons and The Avett Brothers. While this sound is rapidly gaining popularity and bandwagon jumpers, The Nightmare River Band is continuing to do just what they’ve done since their formation, taking their music on the road to bring the Nightmare to your town.



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