Slim Charles, Hannibal Montana, Vasudeva, Rexford, Hot Twins

Slim Charles

Slim Charles is a progressive rock group that blends elements of experimental, indie, and math rock with space exploration, angle observation, time cultivation, and downright crunknasty. Witness the gripping battle of Slim Charles Versus Fatso Jr (+ new songs!) in a basement, bar, warehouse, or spaceship near you!

Hannibal Montana

"Hannibal Montana (great name!) is a New York band with a lot of attitude. They're very different from the rest of the stuff on the site, but listening to their tracks is never a bother. The opposite is true actually: I really enjoy their punk rock style."
- the WILD honey pie

"...All of this sounds like a solid effort, especially given that its a young/new band. And so, HM should be added to a growing list of bands intent on doing things their own way."
- I Heart Noise

"Totally worthy on a math-rock note...BRILLIANT SOUND!"
- TheSirenSound


We are four friends growing up as neighbors that have a common interest in doing something great with the music that we write.

Rexford is a band that was born in New York City. It's a chunk of Pop that was dipped in Soul and then sprinkled with Indie. With lots of original songs you can be sure of some rexy times.

Hot Twins

We're Hot Twins. We make music. Let's hang out.

"Hold Me Tight" (DJ Dance Party)


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