Summer Hummer

Summer Hummer

Come stretch out and relax or break it down and dance on our roof deck for this Summer's 2nd Summer Hummer!!

DJs, drink specials and live music from Baby Streuth and Rush Midnight!

Rush Midnight

Rush Midnight is ready to step out from the darkness. As the bass player for George Lewis Jr.'s synth-pop outfit Twin Shadow, the man formerly known as Russ Manning is no stranger to nostalgic pop. For his first solo EP, +1, Manning has fashioned himself as a wistful Casanova, less hard-edged than Lewis' leather jacket-clad persona, but with a similar sense of John Hughes-type cool.

Among the synthesizers, drum machines, and sparkling vocals of +1, Manning's world is one of classic romance set against the backdrop of lurid nightlife. That may sound theatrical, but during our talk, Interview got the distinct sense that the real Manning isn't all that different from the wistful-romantic character he plays in his songs. When we mentioned the impending hurricane barreling up the coast, Manning's answer was the perfect snapshot of his personality: "I just caught one of last trains. I'm just gonna hang with my girl, maybe watch Walking Dead, and just get in the zone. I might finish this jacket that I'm studding. I'm studding the whole collar." If the apocalypse happens tomorrow, Rush Midnight is going to look the part. - INTERVIEW

Baby Streuth

Baby Streuth is Naomi Scott. Born and raised in an area of rural England famed for it's history, myths and legends (it was even featured in The X-Files), Naomi enjoyed modest success in London with her band Naomi Hates Humans ( before making the decision to move to Brooklyn to start again as Baby Streuth. Naomi is a multi-instrumentalist and as Baby Streuth plays guitar to complex multi-layered backing tracks entirely of her own creation, perfectly complimenting her whiskey-soaked vocal. The result is genre-defying, impressive and, above all else, fun.


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