Normally Important

Normally Important


Poor Remy

Poor Remy as a musical venture erupted out of 3 intimate relationships which were cultivated at Kenyon College in an intellectual environment filled with discussions of Hegel, Ultimate frisbee, french literature, and girls. We lived together, played together, made out with some of the same girls, and edited each others papers. We were exploring huge ideas like God and Communism and the meaning of History, and music became a way for us to study ourselves and each other. Poor Remy makes manifest our most passionate obsessions about the world as an offering of ourselves. Like meditation or stream of consciousness writing, music frames our experience in rural Ohio as a self portait. When we offer our voices, our hands and our fingers, we offer our entire selves to the viewer or listener. We offer our struggles, our explorations, our weaknesses and our idiosyncrasies. Our hope is that someone, if only one person, can identify with those struggles and those ideas to gain some insight into their own life, even if that insight is just the joy of listening to us.

lively upbeat folk effort that can
easily lodge itself in your
brain." – Best of Bandcamp

"[This band] is about to inject
so much energy into your bones." –The Muse in Music

St. Claire

St. Claire is the project of brother and sister Emily and Glenn Forsythe. After leaving their native state of Ohio, the two spent years travelling in the US and abroad before finally rejoining each other in Boston to begin St. Claire. Now based in Brooklyn, and joined by Amelia Emmet (from Think Wild), Michael Howard, Anders Griffen, and Kate Fink, St. Claire weaves thick, hushed harmonies together with ambient layers of sound made of instruments new and old. Over anthem-like driving rhythms, Emily delivers soulful, somber melodies and lyrics full of images and stories. St. Claire is currently working their follow-up record to their debut album "Everyone Lives Here."


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