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My name is Gage, and I refuse to write this in third person. In September of 2012 I'll be releasing my second full length Nurture the Monster, an album I polished raw. The year before, I released For Me About You, a short introduction to us getting to know one another. The time in between has been spent mostly in my car so we can meet in person. I've been playing shows consistently in my two home cities Philly and Baltimore and just as often making the rest of the east cost my home away from home (along with a fling with Eastern Europe). The hospitality I received after For Me caught me off guard, I was welcomed into basements, living rooms and very swanky stages, playing with local bands, rappers, poets, magicians and opening for people I have on my ipod. After 12 years of practicing to myself, it's my second year of playing live and releasing music to anyone that wants to listen.



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