Soft Metals

Soft Metals

LA's Soft Metals formed in 2009 after Ian Hicks and Patricia Hall met at a DJ night and connected over their obsession with analog synthesizers and the shadowy, sultry, untamed expressions of underground electronic music. Their early collaborations paired Patricia's delicate vocals and introspective lyrics with Ian's solo sketches. Soon they moved on to writing music together, building songs from wild, improvised sessions in Ian's home studio. Their genre blurring brand of voltaic pop draws inspiration from a spectrum a sources including krautrock, synth wave, and techno. They've won over audiences in situations as varied as experimental noise shows in dingy basements, to sleek, modern nightclubs, to clandestine after hours warehouse parties, to dimly lit dives where post punk and synthpop records fuel the dance floor.
Soft Metals found a home on Brooklyn's Captured Tracks with the 2010 EP The Cold World Melts. The following year Hicks and Hall presented us with their debut self-titled long player; an album steeped in driving beats, maximalist textures, and the perfect placement of Hall's atmospheric vocals.
July 2013 will see the release of Soft Metals' next installment, Lenses; a continuation of their ethos aiming directly at your body and subconscious mind with an intimacy that only lovers can bring. The song "Lenses" describes the experience of shifted consciousness with the lyrics "breaking through my perception of you, breaking through my concept of life". It celebrates the feeling of escape from a mind imprisoned with lack of presence and stuck in habit all set to an earnest beat and lush enigmatic melodies that entwine and seduce. "Tell Me", "No Turning Back", When I Look Into Your Eyes" expresses that nervous, vulnerable feeling of falling for someone, but questioning the reality of the situation asking "Is this love true? Or are we just lost in lust?", "when you said you loved me, I laid my whole life down", "When I look into your eyes, I wonder if we'll meld". "In the Air", perhaps the most movement inspiring track of the album, is a dense, pulsating piece about the power of nature, the effects of seasonal changes on all living things that rule over sexuality, productivity, and inspiration- the basis of man's various forms of mysticism.

Gemini Wolf

Gemini Wolf is an avant-pop electronic duo that weaves a hazy cloud of analog sound and melodic vocals with kraut inspired rhythms. Their latest album, Infinite Sand Dunes, has been said to have "energized electronica to the tune of Holy Fuck mixed with sweet but ghostly vocals akin to Warpaint". The band also doesn't shy away from instrumentals that have "Autechre-esque hums and drones".

Diseases of the South

Diseases of the South (DOTS) is an idea. An idea of exploration.
Songs are never finished products; they are suggestions of what might be. DOTS use recordings as jumping-off points. A basic song idea is expanded by adding textures and melodies, changing the structure, experimenting with new sounds, or adding a layer of visual effects. And these expansions are done live, so the audience experiences new configurations with every performance.
Diseases of the South is a one-man operation that primarily works with loops, vocal layering, and electronic production equipment to build songs. Both music and found sound bring inspiration. DOTS' aesthetic sensibilities descend from the loop layering of Andrew Bird and Tune-Yards, the sonic expansion of electronic artists Stimming, the Field, and Deadmau5, and textured jams of bands like Radiohead and TV on the Radio. Diseases of the south tries to incorporate all these ideas and add a visual aspect through projection that will expand with every performance.



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