Bob & Martha

Bob & Martha

Bob and Martha was formed in the summer of 2012 in an explosive firework of creativity and kittens. Self-described "old souls" from Brooklyn, NY, Aparna Muralidharan and Dan Bonsignore found each other on the internet before meeting at the Zombie Hut in Gowanus, BK. After a few beers, these two kindred spirits bonded over a mutual love of loop pedals (also kittens). After several hours spent in a basement rehearsal space, Bob and Martha emerged, executing poppy yet haunting melodies over complex and multitudinous guitar loops. The sound has since been described as psychedelic pop or experimental meditation-rock, and evokes similarities to Bjork, the Doors, and Modest Mouse. Bob and Martha is currently an active force within the Brooklyn music scene and is planning a small tour of the Northeast in the spring.

Sparxx is a Brooklyn-based pop band, which is lead by vocalist Heather
Sparx. Their sweet and dreamy, synth-heavy songs have a serious '80s
feel, making it impossible for you not to dance along — and really,
who doesn't like to dance? Sparx's lively and sparkling personality is
apparent in her stage presence — constantly beaming and often hopping
off stage to dance with the audience. Sparx works very closely with
guitarist, Justin Mathews, creating exquisitely crafted, uptempo
dream-synth-pop. Her band is made up of Justin Mathews, who plays some serious guitar rifts as well as keys and Cinque Kemp who keeps your heart pumping on drums.


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