Downtown 82 with DJ Kimia and The Fantastic Imagination & the Sleep Kills


Imagine the Frankie & Annette flicks cast entirely with Warhol Superstars & Hustlers. Something like a circus or a sewer. Tom Tom Reverb Wet Licks & High Kicks.

The Fantastic Imagination

Guitarist, vocalist and keyboardist Josh Meakim of the band A SUNNY DAY IN GLASGOW describes his new side project THE FANTASTIC IMAGINATION as such: "For now this is just some weird recording project where I can do whatever I want and call it one thing. One week I may decide to make songs for a musical called American Taxicab Werewolf. Maybe Ill decide to take a ride in the Electronic Spaceship of Music tomorrow. All in the name of cool music that I would like to listen to. Ill keep posting random unfinished songs and maybe one day soon Ill have enough finished songs to finish a finished collection of finished songs. I used to be in a band called Dragon City and this is sort of the continuation of whatever that was all about. Sorry Im not rocking out as much, Im almost deaf. However my love for noise will certainly be revisited upon finishing these songs. I am open to lyrical suggestions since I have little literal inspiration these days. "



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