the Absolute

We are a band based in Los Angeles, CA. Our names are Philip, Anthony, Ryan, Ashton, and Michael, though the Absolute family is made of many. We are here to help you with your journeys and hopefully inspire new ones as well.

Naked Walrus

Naked Walrus creates an original sound all their own resembling forms of Alternative Blues Rock. The idea of the Naked Walrus is an artistic vision comprised of passionate individuals all on a common ground who collaborate to create a sonically charged force that not only composites driving rock & roll music, but also combines all art forms.

Together only one year, the band has been moving forward at a rapid pace ever since. They are working hard to create a respectable resume as well as develop the band to the fullest extent.


The Roof Beam Carpenters

The Roof Beam Carpenters are Jon Titterington and friends. Our band mission is to write songs and then record them. As far as we can tell, no one has done this before.


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