War Master (Houston), Tolar, Steel Bearing Hand, Orgullo Primitivo, downpour.


Steel Bearing Hand

Out from the wastes of Cimmeria, Steel Bearing Hand has come to tread the jeweled thrones of the earth with booted feet and overthrow the heretical tyrants who corrupt the sanctity of Metal.

Orgullo Primitivo

Why Orgullo Primitivo?
Orgullo Primitivo translates into Primitive Pride or Primitive Arrogance. Although I generally try to carry myself without an heir of arrogance or pride I feel that it is our birthright to indulge in the primitively simple joys and sorrows of this world. Through Orgullo Primitivo I try to exorcise the demons of my daily life as well as bring to the forefront my ability to channel a guttural echo from the underbelly of this Earth and within the universe surrounding. It is not solely a positive or negative artistic statement but simply a resonance that resounds so heavily throughout my body and mind that I have no option of containing it within. The avenue I've facilitated to express this is through the broad spectrum of hardcore punk aesthetic and primitivity, a strong live performance art concept, influence of jazz and world rhythms, and most importantly a sense of meditative purpose which stretches the musical concept into the territory of the ritualistic

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