In regards to 5-piece Indie Blues-Rock band, The Prowling Kind:

"What this band has, is the power to move you. They do so through delivering songs that could be defined by multiple genres in a way that maintains the consistency of their sound. Their influences are: Loretta Lynn, Buddy Holly, Beck, the Black Keys, Fiona Apple, Jack White & Jimi Hendrix, which actually sums it up nicely." -Mitchell L. Hillman, Java Magazine

In regards to the concept behind their debut album, Tennessee:

In fear for her life, Norah took her then-3-year-old daughter Mickey Louise and fled her home in Knoxville Tennessee. Mickey's convict father was hot in pursuit, causing them to live in hiding for the next 15 years.


“Future Loves Past somehow combines indie rock, psychedelia, Americana, outright folk music, country embellishments, a touch of British Invasion and hints of 1970s classic rock with flourishes of 80s synth work […] the aural amazement at their shows can’t be denied in any capacity.”

- Mitchell L. Hillman -

Huckleberry is an americana band based in Tempe, Arizona. Since forming in 2011, the six-piece band have played throughout the valley and released their debut album Fine Highway January 2013.

Huckleberry mixes alt country twang, ragtime swing, jazz, Hawaiian and rock to form a sound that you can dance to, drink to, clean your room to, make out to, whatever butters your biscuit.

Often compared to the likes of Wilco, Harry Nilsson and The Flying Burrito Brothers, Huckleberry blends the new with the old to create unique desert narratives and barroom ballads.

They are going out on a west coast tour this summer and are currently writing new material for a follow up album to be recorded in the fall of 2013.

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