The Samurai Gypsies

The Samurai Gypsies

Dany Cobo - Violinist, Composer
Composer and violinist Dany Cobo was born in Ecuador . He grew up in a downtown neighborhood filled with folk, rock & blues music. All the older kids used to get together almost everyday to play music on the street, which caused Dany to be interested in music at an early age. He learned to play the guitar from some of his older friends at 12 years

Influences by Violinist Jean Luc Ponty at 14, Dany studied violin and viola at the “Antonio Neumane” Conservatory of Music of Guayaquil . He took part in the conservatory chamber orchestra directed by Andrei Podgorny. He also played at rock concerts, peñas and bars

In 1983, at 18 years old, he traveled to Quito , Ecuador invited by Hector Napolitano one of the older Kids from the neighborhood (now a local legend in Ecuador), to joined Alex Alvear , Ataulfo Tobar and others to play in a band that played Traditional Cuban music named “Rumbason” Performing in many venues and cities and international events such as the “II Festival Latinoamericano de la Nueva Cancion”.an international concert with many known songwriters, such as Pete Seeger , Silvio Rodriguez, Luis Eduardo Aute, Roy Brown, Pablo Milanes .
At the same time an Ecuadorian Singer/songwriter Hugo Idrovo (another local legend) came back from the USA and they formed the band “Promesas Temporales”. They recorded an LP of original tunes and became one of the bands that influenced future generations in his country .
In 1987 & 1988 Dany was accepted as a Viola student for the “National symphony Orchestra” base in the city of Quito Ecuador , performing in several concerts with the Symphony
In 1988 Dany joined the group of folkloric music “Altiplano de Chile” when they went on tour to Colombia , where the band performed as a guest group at the “Mono Nuñez Festival” and played throughout different cities all over Colombia .
In January of 1990 and 1993, Dany traveled to Chile where he joined the music scene with several Chilean and Cuban musicians.

In 1996 he moved to the San Francisco Bay Area, where his friend Omar Sosa introduced him to some musicians from the San Francisco music scene.
Dany studied with the renown Jazz violinist , composer and founder of the TISQ quartet David Balakrishnan.

Gary Carpenter - Guitarist, Producer, Composer
Gary Carpenter has always had a passion for World Music and guitar. At age sixteen he was awarded a scholarship to the Hartford Conservatory for his experimental Indian Raga/rock fusion compositions. He has studied under famed Windom Hill studio guitarist Steve Erquiaga. Upon his move to the Bay Area, he formed the World Fusion band “Montage” which played to sold out houses at the Catalyst in Santa Cruz and across the Bay Area.

HIs current group, Samurai Gypsies, exemplifies Gary's love of Latin Jazz and song structure that emphasize composition and storytelling over pyrotechnics although there is plenty of that.

"I don't want to be another flaming licks guitar player. I want to try and tell a story."

Which, of course, is a large part of the motivation behind his compositions and subsequent releases. Because anybody can run their fingers up and down the neck with no particular purpose or direction, but it takes a master to know where and when to place those fingers just right to make that instrument say exactly what you want it to say and exactly how you want it said.

Gary Carpenter is that kind of master.

In his career, he has worked and performed with such acclaimed musicians as Blue Note, Afro-Cuban recording artist, Samba Ngo. As well, he was lead guitarist for Blues and R&B star, Sista Monica and has contributed guitar tracks to Arabic World Electronica Embarka recording artist, MC Rai.
Gary's exemplary playing skills have led him to live performances at the Monterey Jazz Festival, Sierra Music Festival, Sacramento Jazz and Blues Festival and the Oakland Jazz and Blues Festival to name a few.
Gary‘s tracks have been featured on and America’s largest Internet radio platform for Jazz and Ambient music.

-Victor McLean President, Virtuoso Records

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