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Some "Q and A" on the topic of noise poet nobody :
Q : What is noise poet nobody?
A : The creative title of an independent artist who works as a music producer, performer, DJ and live stage technician. Often in conjunction with performance art, modern primitive ritual, dancers, choreographers, renegade theater and ambient rooms at modern esoteric culture events.
Q : What is noise poet nobody music?
A : The collection and utilization of rejected, disregarded, minute and incidental sound provides the basic frame work concept for a noise poet nobody composition. Great care is taken in molding the specific frequency and phase placement of all audio both textural and forefront. Artistic emphasis is placed upon the presence of improvised performance on home crafted and found object instruments. Audio provided by these devices is also sampled, manipulated, distorted, micro selected, and sequenced by an arsenal of rack mount electronics, old MIDI, analog filtering/compression/ gain amplifiers and speaker cabinets. A soothing to disturbing showcase of real time electronics and micro-acoustics captured from solid via piezo transducer (contact microphone in the form of a thin metal disc). Most commonly associated with the music genres of experimental, IDM, industrial, avant-garde, dark-electro, Glitch, ambient, minimalism.
Q : Who is noise poet nobody?
A : United States American citizen named Casey Jones with a long history of art participation and production in many mediums, most publicly noise.
Q : Why should I care?
A : You shouldn't bother unless you are a consumer of abstract sounds and beats both dissonant and distorted, or are in need of something to connect to, interact with, or listen to that is much more original then what main stream media can provide. All this at extremely competitive rates for such high quality product of completely customized and distinctively crafted content. Free services are often provided to non-profit organizations and art promotions or fundraisers.
Q : Is noise poet nobody a solo act or in a band?
A : Yes to both, and also works with other bands or solo acts in need of re-mixes or live

Thirteen Colonies

Thirteen Colonies is a vocal electronica alias of Silver Spring, Maryland musician and visual artist Paul Joyner. From his initial work on Boston pop guitarist & producer/engineer John Escobar's debut album, to his output with South Sudanese multi-instrumentalist Anda Wondu as the duo Psychedelic Jam Band, Joyner has gained a reputation of crafting vibrant interpretations of pop music structured loosely almost as if jazz standards, heavy on improvisation. Following the hiatus of PJB with his collaborator's return to Juba, he continued to perform and record with new basis and focus on various philosophical creative formulas applied from experience as a bicycle courier to living at Occupy K Street, from struggling to find a voice as an individual to dedicating a voice to the creation of a new nation. Thirteen Colonies is an attempt to capture new ideology under an old flag, a distorted aural reflection of natural elements in an increasingly artificial world.

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