Scott Lucas & The Married Men (Featuring Scott Lucas of Local H), The Nouveaux Honkies

Scott Lucas & The Married Men (Featuring Scott Lucas of Local H)

Scott Lucas & the Married Men’s The Cruel Summer EP was inspired by their experience playing the title track as part of the A.V. Club’s Undercover Summer Break series last summer. The band was asked to choose a classic summer song to cover and decided to reinterpret the sweet pop of Bananarama’s “Cruel Summer” as melancholy metal. They played it live at Novelty Golf on Chicago’s northwest side. The track was re-recorded this past winter at Million Yen Studios with producer Andy Gerber for the EP.

“When they asked us to choose a summer song - I was like, Bananarama. Absolutely. No question,” Lucas recounts. “Maybe it's because I love Elisabeth Shue. I don't know.”

“Cruel Summer” is on side A of the 7” record. The new song “Never Better,” a master class in dynamics that sees Lucas wearing his heart on his sleeve again, is the B-side. A cover of the story song “Coward of the County” (best known as a Kenny Rogers song) and stripped down, violin and acoustic guitar versions of two Married Men songs from their sophomore album Blood Half Moon round out the digital version of the EP: “Heavy Lidded (Acoustic) Love” and “There You Are (Again).” The entire five-song EP is available at all the usual download and streaming sites. Fans who purchase the limited-edition 7” vinyl record get a code to download all the songs, too.

“The covers are fun and all - but what we're really excited about is the new track,” Lucas says. “I wasn't prepared to like it this much.”

“The format is cool because it can be both an EP AND a seven inch single,” he explains. “So, the EP is like a supplement to Blood Half Moon, but the single can stand on it's own, apart from the record.”

Lucas is best known as the singer/guitarist for two-man, Chicago rock band Local H. For his solo records, he plays with a collective of musicians -- the Married Men -- which sometimes numbers as many as seven and includes violin, organ and accordion. Reviewers have compared the band to American Music Club, Wilco, the Waterboys and Nick Cave. Lucas calls the group’s evolving sound "country-ish, alt-rock for people who like metal." Greg Kot of the Chicago Tribune listed their current album, Blood Half Moon, in the top 10 indie releases of 2012. The band toured with Deer Tick last summer and has played shows with James Iha, Kelly Hogan, Tristen, EmptyMansions, the Airborne Toxic Event and others in the past year.

The Nouveaux Honkies

From way down South, here come The Nouveaux Honkies. This violin, guitar, bass and drum quartet are Roots and Roll that Rocks.
“If Johnny Cash and Freddy King had a baby it would be the Nouveaux Honkies,” said the Ft. Lauderdale Sun Sentinel.

Their 2007 self titled cd won best roots band in Palm Beach County. Their 2008 cd “Where Do I Go” hit #3 on the National Roots
Country (Americana) Chart, “Roots Music Report” and 48 weeks later was still on the charts when their 2009 cd “Live at Sun” was in
the top 30 on the National Roots Blues Chart. Blues Revue Magazine linked their sound to the Stones, with hints of Dire Straights,
Curtis Mayfield, Hendrix and Howlin’ Wolf. Singer/guitarist, Patrick Timothy O’Donnell’s vocal style was said to be “an amalgam
of Van Morrison and Willy De Ville.” Add in violinist, Rebecca Dawkins with her crafty lead lines and poppy rhythms and their
unique blend of blues, swing and countryis described as a reinvention of the musical wheel. The group has been touring since
July of 08’. Thier live show is an elegant display of frenzied mayhem. Their summer tour of 09’ put the band through the
northeast with Elmore magazine naming them their favorite newcomer at The Rhythm and Roots Festival in Rhode Island. 2010
started with work on their upcoming LP entitled “Your Town”. Honkies hit the road again in the summer so don’t miss the show!

Singer/Guiarist Patrick Timothy O’Donnell was born in NYC. His father was a diesel mechanic for the city and relocated to South Florida and had his hand in the boat business. O’Donnell took piano lessons for a short time but gave that up after learning
“the entertainer” by ear and being yelled at by his teacher. His passion for music had him playing drums in church to rockin’ guitar in a
high school punk band. He also built boats, laid tile, shaped surfboards, was a carpenter, and built custom guitars in his own
guitar business. O’Donnell relates on a blue-collar level. His songs, whether humorous or serious relate in that way as well.
His early music career had him touring with various punk rock bands on the east coast. He got a job with an Atlanta based gospel
band in his early 20’s and his focused studying of American Music was in full swing. He put music as a profession down for a few
years until meeting Rebecca Dawkins in 2005. Rebecca had moved down from South Carolina and was looking for work as a
musician. Florida had just been pummeled by a brutal 2004 hurricane season and O’Donnells personal and professional life had
been turned upside-down. His eclectic blues and jazz improvised style met Rebecca’s trained classical style and the music
began making itself. In 06’ the Nouveaux Honkies were born. Their first gig as a duo in a small wine bar turned into a full band at a
small cafe’. Since then, with the help of their fans and friends, the band has been playing some great venues and festivals
throughout the east coast with acts like Asleep at the Wheel, The Duhks, The Waybacks, Stix, Randy Bachman, Cedrik Watson,
Tab Benoit, Randy McCalister, Hot Tuna, the Lee Boys, Joe Bonamassa, The Insomniacs, The Lovell Sisters, and many more.
Hearing the Honk at the Tonk is a must must.

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