King Super and the Excellents

King Super and the Excellents consists of four time travelers:

David - lead singer - AKA King Super, was trained as a classical baritone and has been singing since birth. Once hailed as "one of any children in America" David has since grown into manhood and conducts numerous tasks in a timely manner almost daily. He gained the title of "King Super" after being attacked and bitten by a radioactive king while on an expedition searching for the elusive
Skunk Ape. David's favorite activities include throwing rocks great distances with no accuracy, swinging very fast, and taking two when being told he can have one. He also encourages you to enjoy yourself in life because it may be the only one you get. "Smile! Have a great day and don't touch that... It's mine."--King Super

George (Georgie) Paul hails from the wilds of East Tennessee and
considers sheet-rocking his “zen garden,” whilst musical pursuits fill any desires for interaction with the people of earth. Prior efforts range from Eff Ewe Yankee Blue Jeans, Remy and The Hand
Jays and a brief tenure as a roadie for Drivin-N-Cryin (Fly Me Courageous Tour). While never reaching the level of Order of The Arrow or finishing high school, Georgie has managed to eek out a small forest home in South Knoxville to raise Runner Ducks and various allium plants. Turn Ons: Brussells sprouts and Tom Robbins. Turn Offs: combs, micro-fleece and most forms of poison

Maximus (Max) Dazzle is the newest member of the Excellents. He was aggressively recruited after former guitarist Pontiac Trammell was lost in a swamp while on a expedition to find the famed Burlap Sack of Truth. Dazzle, who lived in the wild until the age of 7, is the son of Norwegian Wolf herders and frequently stays up for days on end in search of spiritual enlightenment. At the age of ten, at the urging of the Great Wolf Council, Max picked up the guitar. Not knowing it was actually a musical Instrument, he and his "axe" fought his way across Canada and the Northern US leaving a bloody wake behind him before finally landing in Tennessee. Here, his eyes were opened by an elderly scribe who showed him the proper use of the guitar and he finally laid down his savage past. Max currently resides just over your left shoulder. Always watching over you. Always...watching..

SCUBA - Drums, Samples, Vocals
Originally from Cincinnat Ohio, and now makes Knoxville Tennessee home. He has played at numerous festivals and venues all over the South East and Midwest. Deeply rooted in Rock 'n Roll, Jazz, Funk, and Latin Music providing the underlinings for the Excellents. A pretty good swimmer, but not a scuba diver.Likes - Porch Jams, Hiking, Skyline Chili, Mandrill Monkeys, Sunny Days, Storms, Chandlers Restaurant, Indian Buffets, in no specific order
Influences - BAC, old school soul music, Grateful Dead, Phish, Pat Metheny, Blind Melon, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Rancid, Screeching Weasel, Lotus Tree, Beck, White Tail Hawks, Traffic Lights, Stop Signs, Currents of Water, Coconuts... Nevermind all that.

Pontiac Trammell - Lead Guitar Was last seen Wondering into a swamp in search for the Burlap Sack Of Truth. If you see him PLEASE CONTACT KING SUPER. Joined king super on lead guitar even though the only song he could play was the bass line to fields of gold. After completing guitar method book one he felt he was ready for the role. He owes Will 30 bucks. Will you will never get this money so just give it up. Currently playing with king super, shifty and the headmasters, and the sensational blue brothers. Also plays jazz all over Tennessee. He enjoys thai food, dumb and dumber, and old avon bottles shaped
like cars.

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