Wall Of Funk, Tribal Call, The Mood Manual

Wall Of Funk

Reigning from their stomping grounds of Cambridge, WI, Wall of Funk blends energetic and heavy-hitting tones with melodic hip-hop screaming in creating their signature, cross-genre ‘Funk Metal’ sound. Comprised of Joe Marsden (Vocals/ Guitar), Lennon Baker (Bass/ Vocals) and Cal Lamore (Drums/ Percussion), Wall of Funk has been playing as a collective band for more than two years; however, each member embarked upon their musical journey during their most poignant, childhood years. Lennon describes, “We’ve developed a much deeper musical connection between all of us, especially Joe and I, mainly because of growing up playing so much different music together.” Over the years the W.O.F. members played in the local school bands (Concert, Wind Ensemble, Jazz, and Pep Band), and contributed their individual musicianship to various other jam groups, rock bands, and duos, enjoying the range of musical experiences they’ve had together. Also, they are definitely influenced by their favorite industry artists such as Primus, Red Hot Chili Peppers, 311, Incubus, Mudvayne, and Pantera.

Tribal Call is an international Metal Punk Rock band based in Madison WI, USA. We created a new sound to set the bar for a new unique genre: Psycha-Punka-Triba-Funka. Our music blends tribal/rock beats and twists them into new modern sounds.

This band has the ability to play Latin Rock too. The group is described as possessing energetic beats and strong showmanship. We want to be on tour, having
a good time with everyone for the rest of our lives. Psycha-Punka-Triba-Funka!!!!!

We released the EP "A Bleeding $ Game" in 2009. We also released "Bipolandia" in 2011. We are currently working in our 2nd EP which has been recorded at The Blast House and Tutto's Studios in Madison.

For our current project we teamed up with our friend and producer Dave Poler from The Hit Factory-Criteria and with Dustin Sisson from The Blast House to create a new album.

The Mood Manual

The Mood Manual systematically catalogs each and every emotional state of being that can be communicated through changes in air pressure, as well as other media. The band performs a seamless mix of primarily progressive, alternative, rock, and metal music (“PARM” for short) and interjects matter-of-fact humor and commentary on any number of subjects between pieces. The four members of The Mood Manual started creating music together in grade school and jammed under various names beginning in 2008. The band discovered their current formation in the summer of 2010 and released their debut album “Trial” in 2011. Since its inception, the Madison, WI-based group has used its unique blend of serious, powerfully emotive music and lighthearted fun to captivate fans of nearly every genre of music. The Mood Manual’s performances take control of each listener’s cognitive function and generate a beautifully satisfying experience within, from the core of their souls outward.

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