Into It. Over It., Hostage Calm

Into It. Over It.

For years I had played, written, recorded and performed in bands. The Progress, Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Start, Map The Growth, Stay Ahead Of The Weather and Damiera have been a few.

From September 2007 to September 2008, I wrote (and recorded) one song each week for an entire year. This project (which was called 52 Weeks) was available online weekly during that year. Since it's completion, Chris at No Sleep Records approached me about releasing the record. We remixed it, mastered it and (with the help of Brian Mietz) put together an amazing layout. The 2xCD was released on June 23rd, 2009.

I've since relocated to Chicago. Written twelve songs documenting anecdotes an travels I've had in Twelve Towns. These songs will be released over a series of split 7" records during 2010/2011.

I've most recently recorded 5 new songs which were released on a split LP with my best friend KOJI. These 5 songs are about 5 stories taking place in 5 Chicago neighborhoods.

2011 will bring a new full length LP on No Sleep Records.

Hostage Calm

"Please Remain Calm" is the punk album of the Great Recession. The Connecticut five-piece has crafted an album that captures the defeat, the heartache -- what it feels like to be young in the American Decline. Following up 2010's critically acclaimed self-titled LP, "Please Remain Calm" combines elements of Springsteen-esque heartland rock with the band's signature blend of 60s pop melody, 70s punk energy and 80s new wave panache.

Hostage Calm begin "Please Remain Calm" with weaving counter-melodic guitars and bass, stitched together with anthemic choruses. Openers 'On Both Eyes', 'Don't Die On Me Now' and 'Brokenheartland' take the listener through all of the band's signature stylings, setting the mood as the album reveals greater depth and dynamism. A slower, more intimate version of the band's classic 'The "M" Word' features an orchestral arrangement, complete with strings, brass, keys and concert percussion. Immediately following this, the band delivers perhaps its most avant-guarde arrangement, 'Patriot'; a full a cappella ode to a lost love affair with America. What opens as a very electrifying, hit-driven album fully descends into some of the band's most intricate and moving work to date.

But "Please Remain Calm" is more than Hostage Calm's opus: it's their manifesto. Like how "London Calling" captured the gray and grinding Britain of 1979, this album calls to mind the hopeless college student moving back in with her parents, the bank boarding up the house next door, and the impossibility of love in a time where nothing moves forward. Pushing musical boundaries at every turn, "Please Remain Calm" never loses its feeling of timelessness.


FROM THE DESK OF JOSHUA A CLIFTON: This is something i've wanted to do for the last 10 years. I grew up in a home full of different kinds of music. Music from the likes of The Beatles,CCR, Mariachi, Elvis, Muddy Waters, Ray Charles & many more. I always thought it would be cool to do something modern with a little more soul or passion. So I & a group of my close friends started RAVENHILL. Having had an ecclectic background of punk rock,gospel,Jazz,Blues, grunge,indie,hard-core,soul, & Classic rock we are gonna take a stab at it. We are having a blast just being friends that play music with each other so hopefully that good time over flows into the crowd. WE JUST WANNA MAKE YOU DANCE!!!!!! Be Blessed.

Get At Me

St. Louis based Pop-Punk band.

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