Scott McMahan, Sam Lewis

Scott McMahan

Scott McMahan blurs the lines between Soul & Folk, Country & Rock. Honest and direct - he sings of longing, loss, and the hope of redemption. His warm, gritty baritone is at times weary and emotion-laced, bringing to mind artists like Otis Redding and Van Morrison.

Whether crossing genres or state lines, he has pieced together a story people need to hear. His self-titled debut pulls together some of Nashville’s most seasoned musicians, who have helped put the breath into a body of songs that are as straight-forward and captivating as the man who sings them. Five years of constant writing, performing and touring have become the nexus of Lewis’ self-titled debut. Sam has spent hours, in fact years, collecting and arranging the relationships and experiences he has forged. To the average person, they seem like an amalgamation of time and happenstance, but to him, they are the moral of the story. “I never once felt, in this whole process that someone just kind of pointed. No one took me by the hand, but almost every single one of these connections was very personal. I was introduced to these people that helped make this record. These are gonna be people that I’m going to know the rest of my life.” Lewis has drawn us a clear picture of where he’s going, and thankfully, he has invited us along for the ride.

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