"Passion For Pain" - Live Pro Wrestling & Music

"Passion For Pain" - Live Pro Wrestling & Music

Deathmatch Wrestling returns to Northern California this summer!!! From So-Cal to Nor-Cal we will showcase the BEST that California has to offer in the sport of Deathmatch Wrestling!!

Be there as WE make HISTORY and shock the California Wrestling scene!!

- JD-Horror vs a mystery opponent in a barbed wire massacre match
- Kurai HIME vs Brittany Wonder in an Unlucky 13 Staplegun Deathmatch
- Anthony RIV Butabi vs Joe DeSoul vs Jesus Kruze in a Threeway Elimination-Style Homerun Derby Deathmatch
- Suma Te Woke La vs Flynch in a Barefoot Thumbtack Deathmatch
Also appearing in non-hardcore matches: The Russian Wolf Alexis Darevko, Subrando Commandos, Sledge and Unorthdox Levi Shapiro

Plus live bands: Vent & Rubber Duckee

Card subject to change


Venat is derived from Latin word 'Venari', meaning "to hunt".

The Doomtrain, name of Glasya Labolas, voice of Ed Wynn, carrying our band of murderous minstrels, vagabonds and varied carnival folk derailed. There were no survivors. This was shortly after the Nazis occupied France.


It been said dat he been borned out in da bayou, where da great-mighty Mississipp-flow in. Wherein-dey be connected. Borned in a casket full-a crawdads, he was...See More

From the place where the worms dieth not, the beasts of venery, Venat. Those of Hellbound Heart and scriptures writ in sanguinary fluid.

Rubber Duckee


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