Against The Grain, SVK, Benedict Arnold

Against The Grain

Benedict Arnold

Once upon a time back in March of '03, a punk rock kid named Rod was driving down the street. He was the only punk rocker in a redneck town. One day, he saw some kid with dreads skating. Rod decided to pull over because the skater kid needed some tunes to skate to. Rod put in Underground Network by Anti-flag. To his surprise the dreaded kid started singing along!!!! Rod thought, "Holy Shit, I don't know anybody that listens to Anti-flag". So the kid came up and said," What's up dude, my name is Floyd. I just moved here from Alaska." Rod told Floyd he played guitar and was trying to start a band. "Awesome," said Floyd. "I know this guy who can play drums and I play bass." Benedict Arnold was born. It was Travi on drums, Rod on guitar and Floyd on Bass. Lease was up at the apartment so they floated around St. Louis playing guitar on the streets and causing mischief. Eventually Benedict Arnold found its way into a punk house in Highland, IL and of course wrecked it from basement shows and massive parties. With shows all over the city to keep them busy they quickly rose the ranks of "The STL Punk Underground." All seemed well until the night of December 1st, '05. Travi was tragically killed in a car wreck shortly after a Benedict Arnold show. Rod and Floyd forged the broken pieces. Together with the help of Ricky Retardo, now their drummer, the guys continue to create potent punk rock. Music is the most important thing in this band's life. They have overcome what would destroy most bands, and continue to display punk rock with passion and originality. Trust me, they aren't stopping anytime soon.

We're a what you see is what you get punk rock band. We're doing this because music is fucking important and Travi is always in our hearts...

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