The Valiant Sailors, The Letters Home, The Peripherals, Diamond Heights

The Valiant Sailors

We are a collaboration of friends who have come together with the purpose of making music that expresses our passions and tells our stories. We are a color collective reflecting the diversity of our native Bay Area. We are artists seeking connection with our audiences as we collectively travel through seasons of change. We are creators of a brand of modern rock that communicates through an eclectic sonic experience that goes beyond genre. We are adventurers on a journey traversing a musical universe under the banner of the Valiant Sailors.

The Letters Home

The Letters Home are princes of 'Dirty Soul Rock'. Their electric soul ballads are belted from a towering baritone backed by melodic drumming, buzzsaw-like guitar riffs, and a rich, creamy horn section. Get ready to dance and groove.

Heavily influenced by Soul, Funk, and Rock, The Letters Home have set fire to the traditional genres to create a sound that is raw and close to the heart. Through their driving rock riffs, powerful soul styled vocals, melodic drumming, pulsing bass, and rich horn section, they pack their live performances with incredible energy and passion.

Hot off their 2013 debut EP, Warm Ink, TLH have released their funky new single, Pegasus, with a ton of praise from LA.

The Peripherals

Diamond Heights

Diamond Heights is an emerging indie pop-rock 5-piece from San Francisco, blending a high-energy rock aesthetic with jangly riffs and dreamy interludes. Drawing on a diverse set of influences, the band's melodic, guitar-centric approach fuses dynamic, soaring vocals and propelling grooves to create an upbeat and danceable set.


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