Dark Seas

Dark Seas

We began jamming in Diegos basement in September 2010, after Irvin bought a bass, and skateboarding got too hard. Kyle would come over and sing some Joy Division songs cuz thats all Irvin knew how to play on the bass at the time. The only thing we were missing was a drummer who could consistently play with us. We met Rhett shit faced at a party, and he said he would be down to play drums. We figured it was just drunk talk, but he called us the next morning ready to go. We moved practice spaces to Rhetts basement, and began jamming everyday. In December, after playing together for a few months, we decided to play our first show as a Joy Division cover band w/Max Pain, at the SK801 XMas party. We played under the name Third Reich, and figured this was a one time deal, and we would never play another show again. In February, T Coy, from the Groovies, hit us up about playing a show at Kilby Court, with them, Dirty Blonde, and Fox Van Cleef. Not realizing this meant NO COVER songs, we took the gig. We got ourself in a pickle, and had 21 days to make a few songs. This was definitely not an easy task, due to the fact we never wrote music before. We tried to back out, and T Coy said if we didn't play he would rip our cocks off! We prepared 4 half finished songs, and we were some what ready for the show, except we needed a name. Rhett through out the name Dark Seas, and we all agreed. 6 months later, we've played over 20 shows at Venues such as Urban Lounge, Kilby Court, The Woodshed, Burt's Tiki Lounge, The Complex Brewskies, The Sand trap, and The Garage. We did a southern California Tour with Max Pain and the Groovies, and are currently working on our first EP, which should be dropping sometime in October. We wanna thank T Coy, The Groovies, Spell Talk, Bad Brad, KRCL, Kent at Midnight Recording, SK801, all of our friends for there support, and constant commitment to partying and raging at all of our shows.

Is Paris Burning

Brand new project from the heart of KC bringing fresh sounds of indie rock with enough energy to cause an electrical arc flash explosion - basically it will blow your mind!



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