The Barren Wells, The Mullets, The Swaines, Gleasons Drift

The Barren Wells

Five piece rock band from Hamburg, Pa, carrying influences from Philly's own Dr. Dog and also from The Head and The Heart.

The Mullets

The Mullets was born in 1998 from the wreckage of Mindless Musical Rampage, Area 57 and Dr. Suds. It was originally a power trio featuring Jerry Smith on guitar, Brian Andris on bass and Jason Fedele on the drums. Vic Koury was added to the line-up in January 1999. One year later, Andris quit the band and Jim Dronick took over on bass. In December of 2000, The Mullets first album, FONG, was released.

In August of 2001, Jim Dronick was relieved of his low-end duties to pursue other interests and Doug Mervine brought his 1972 4001 Rickenbacker Bass to help out. In December of 2002, The Physics of Boomerang Theory was released.

Over the next two years, Jerry purchased some recording gear and The Mullets finished their third and final record, Drink Like Fish, in May 2005. Since then, the band has been on hiatus because of jobs, kids, schedules, wives, girlfriends, and other shit like that.

The Swaines

Central Pennsylvania based beer-soaked flannel rock and roll extravaganza.

Gleasons Drift

Just as The Replacements will be forever linked to Minneapolis or The Meat Puppets to the Southwest Desert, Gleasons Drift is intrinsically defined by a small-town, rough-hewn esthetic filtered through a transistor radio channeling 1970s rock from an all-night far-off Philadelphia radio station. Their love of unblemished bar-band optimism smashed headlong into twelve-bar blues and country feels right at home next to coal region Pennsylvania’s best-known exports – beer, pierogies, polkas and boilo.

Formed in 2002, in the Appalachian Mountains of Northeastern Pennsylvania, Gleasons Drift spent their first 3 years playing blockshoots, bars and hoseys while writing the songs which would eventually become 2005’s “Beaver”, a rough and tumble collection of ten tunes steeped in barroom swagger. “Beaver” defined Gleasons Drift live sound; loose, lean, spontaneous and genuine. This LIVE sound was captured in the 2006 LIVE DVD, “Gleasons Drift and Friends”, a collection of songs recorded at several stops on the 2005 tour. 2007 saw the release of the band’s second full-length “Nickel Rocket”. Nickel Rocket captures the sound that the band has honed live on the road; tight changes, smart melodies, and lyrics that tell the story of the human condition, all the while extending the tradition of American Rock and Roll. In 2010, the band released “Blythe Township Mellencamp”, which triumphed in blending genres, styles and traditions, creating something new, yet still managing to surprise. The band continues to tour and is currently gearing up to record their next release.


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