Last Scene In Reno

Last Scene In Reno

Hailing from Lancaster, PA, these four friends are on a mission to
create infectious songs with their catchy hooks, soaring guitars, and
one of the tightest drum/bass rhythm sections around. In May of 2012,
Last Scene in Reno released their debut EP, “You Act As If I Have a
Choice”, which is available on iTunes:

"'You Act As If I Have A Choice' is a fine example of all the things
that people love about pop-punk. Fine drumming? Check. Gang vocals?
Check. Half-tempo, final choruses? Check. Vocal harmonies? Check.
Dueling vocals? Check. It’s all there in fine style. Overall, Last
Scene in Reno has crafted an EP that will define your summer, and take
you back to your high school glory days. It’s a fine piece of work
that begs for repeated listens, and evokes anticipation for more music
from these guys. You can hear their passion for what they do with
every note; something that many bands and novelty mainstream acts lack
these days" - Robbie Goldovich, (Apr 15, 2012)

Last Scene in Reno's latest single, "Crazy", is available for FREE
download at

Face for Radio

Face for Radio was formed one year ago in the winter of 2010, and is comprised of three members; Mike (drums), Eric (bass),

and Brett (guitar/vocals). Mixing progressive indie and grunge music with their own melodic style, Face for Radio has developed

a sound of their own. They are currently recording an EP that will be released February 2012. "



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