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Limitless visions.

Goodbye Four

The band started to come together when we all met at Karns #4 in Lemoyne. Jared Zimmerman moved there from a different store and worked in the department close to Jared Bartlebaugh. We started talking about music together for awhile and decided to start a band. All though we didn't have a place to play we talked about jamming. One day, Robert said he had a practice space and that is where it started. As we jammed, it was missing a bass player with Robert and Jared both playing guitar at the time. So we enlisted Jared Z's brother Jeremy to play bass. He instantly filled the void. Eventually, Jeremy had moved to Baltimore to be with his wife to be. This is when Rob switched to playing bass. Jeremy will be always be apart of our band at heart. The name Goodbye Four is derived from our honorary fourth member and the number of the store where it all began.



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