Diarrhea Planet

Diarrhea Planet

Diarrhea Planet is a six-piece rock and roll band from Nashville, TN. Their sound has
often been described as The Ramones holding Van Halen hostage with an arsenal of
fireworks and explosives. Diarrhea Planet's four guitarists provide enough riffs to make
Jack Black squeal like a schoolgirl, while lead singer Hodan delivers enough hooks to
straighten the curl out of Justin Timberlake's hair. In a world of unintelligible lo-fi
recording, reverb drenched vocals, and tuneless guitars, Diarrhea Planet aims to put the
backbone back into rock and roll.
The band initially formed in the Spring of 2009 with drummer Casey, and two guitarists
Jordan Smith and Evan P. Donohue. That fall the band decided to flesh out their sound
with bass and a third guitar, adding Mike Boyle and Brent Toler. They self-released the
five song EP, Aloha, in November. The album sounded like a mix between an
uncontrollable college party and a gut-wrenching Tae Bo workout. With the Mediafire
link popping up on a variety of blogs, Aloha became a sleeper online sensation.
Perhaps due to the unusual band name, the EP garnered around 1,500 downloads in its
first week online. By the time the band took down the Mediafire link early the next year,
The EP had collected over 10,000 downloads.
In the summer of 2010, Evan P. Donohue decided to focus on his own music and left
Diarrhea Planet. The band quickly adopted shredders Evan Bird and Emmett Miller,
generating Diarrhea Planet's most empowering line-up. The band shifted some of their
focus from delinquent party rock to slightly more sophisticated songwriting and guitar
theatrics that will make every living guitar hero cry out of joy and/or despair. After this
change-up, the band played an exhausting amount of local shows. They have opened
for acts such as Wavves, Fucked Up, Jeff the Brotherhood, Andrew Jackson Jihad,
Defiance OH, Jacuzzi Boys, The Spits, and The Coathangers. They have also played a
variety of basements, warehouses, frat bars, and dorm rooms. The overwhelming
volume and sheer brutality of their live onslaught satiates those who crave power and
thunder, while the meek grovel on the beer-soaked floor. The wall of heavy riffage and
intricate shredding infuses audiences with enough electrical energy to stave off sleep for
the rest of the weekend. Despite their leanings towards punk and heavy metal, Diarrhea
Planet swears by the Bible of pop. With a distinct emphasis on vocal hooks and
harmonies, their shows often morph into massive, drunken sing-alongs.

The So So Glos

You may have gone to, or heard about, The Market Hotel in Brooklyn. It's that way out-of-the-way party place that puts on all those crazy energetic shows (like No Age and Dan Deacon and The Black Lips) that are all DIY and entertaining and, well, punk. Shows at The Market Hotel can turn into "a happening" at a crappy amp's notice. You go there knowing you're going into the great unknown, ready to rock to whatever is hurled your way.

Not only did The So So Glos start that performance space (with Todd P), but they used to reside there too. Now that's living the lifestyle. These four guys, born and bred in Brooklyn, mix a wonderfully sloppy blend of angular punk, jangly pop and a little bit of surf-rock. I hear lots of Richard Hell (especially in the vocals) and a little bit of The Clash too.

The So So Glos definitely seem to be influenced by the glory days of punks past. But by looking backward, these guys are helping to make punk's present a much more entertaining musical era to live in, especially in NYC. Their shows are a sweaty and, perhaps most importantly, FUN good time. -Oh My Rockness

Jezebel County Hospital

High hopes that our musicking will help people think thoughts, feel feelings, and move the appropriate body parts in concert together.

$8.00 - $9.00


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