First trained in his church choir, Print played in R&B bands in high school and later developed a rep as a standout rapper. Here, he experiments with the synths, keyboards, and drum machines that connected the musical dots of those early days.

Print began pursing his career as a musician in 2001, working on several hip hop projects including his collaborative project Soul Position with DJ/Producer RJD2. Releasing The Unlimited EP & 8,000,000 Stories on Rhymesayers Entertainment with RJ, Blueprint began work in 2004 on what would become his first solo album, 1988. The success of that album allowed him to tour extensively throughout North America and Europe, before returning home to focus on writing and recording his next album.

When he sat down to work on this sophomore effort, Print began with the dark, soulful and sample heavy hip hop of the early 90's, but soon found himself hitting a creative wall. What shook him loose was a new mission: to create an album that encompassed every facet of music he knew, blurring genre lines and bringing it back home as one cohesive listening experience. The more he worked to pair new found interest in rock & electronic music with his love of hip hop,the more he was able to break down that creative barrier.

Thus began his Adventures in Counter Culture, a monumental undertaking that would involve reinventing himself as a musician and person. His growing cynicism with the world, his disdain for pop culture, the state of politics, and an apathetic, uninspired society, all worked as fuel to inspire this sophomore album. Moved by the impact that sampling lawsuits were having on the music community, Blueprint also decided return to his roots and began writing and producing his own original content.


"Illogic is complicated"- a simple statement of fact realized and accepted by the enigmatic artist whose life and career is anything but 'simple'. Illogic stormed the scene in the early 2000's with his seminal releases: Unforeseen Shadows, Got Lyrics? and Celestial Clockwork, Unexpectedly, with 2003 shaping up to be a Cinderella year (a solid nationwide fan base; growing industry buzz surrounding upcoming projects), Illogic made the difficult decision to step away from the limelight, instead focusing on his marriage and growing family.

Fast forward to 2009; Illogic returns hungrier than ever to release Diabolical Fun (Weightless Recordings), this time along with producer Ill Poetic, known for The World is Ours, Budden/Portishead & NIN/Outkast mash-ups.

Combining Illogic's gift for one-of-a-kind wordplay and impeccable delivery with Ill Poetic's knack for soulfully intense tracks, Diabolical Fun will quickly remind fans of why they fell in love with Illogic in the first place and grab the attention of those who have never heard of him before. The recently released EP One Bar Left has been garnering a healthy buzz in the online community, and serves as an appetizer for what's to come.

Columbus, Ohio-based Illogic has always strived to take complex rhyme schemes and metaphoric storytelling to new levels of the art form. In 1999, the release of Unforeseen Shadows caught a ground swell of positive press and stellar reviews for Illogic and the then-indie upstart label Weightless Recordings. By the time 2003 rolled around, Illogic had released two other projects on Weightless Recordings - the Got Lyrics? EP (2001) and the long awaited full length follow up to Unforeseen, Celestial Clockwork (2003).

Expectations for the new album were high, as fans had waited almost two additional years to see the release due to competing priorities at the label. In Spring 2003, Illogic was named one of URB Magazine's "Next 100" artists to check for, along with the likes of Little Brother, a then-widely unknown Kanye West, and others who have since "blown up." When the album finally did release, early reviews were positive. However, Illogic's career abruptly halted with seemingly no explanation.

"Once Celestial Clockwork dropped, the ball was rolling," Illogic explains. "The album was well received along with my stage show. I was touring heavily with many prominent underground acts, yet on top of all of this I was married with two children and a third on the way. The toll that this took on my family life was immeasurable by any stretch of the imagination, because music and being on tour was my job. Leaving them seemed a necessity for the path that I felt was chosen for me. My only problem was that my entire life was out of balance and I had no idea… I was sleep walking in place. I was constantly dreaming, thinking I was progressing, and not realizing that I was stagnant. Until November 10, 2004; missing the birth of my third son was my wake-up call. I then knew it was time to slow down and get my priorities in order. I had to find myself for the first time."

After over four years without a major album release, a renewed sense of self, and a clear vision for the future, Illogic now more than ever seeks to shatter the glass ceiling of the underground and give the industry and masses what they so clearly need… a truly gifted emcee.

"The last few years have been some of my greatest," says Illogic. "I feel like I am ready to receive the blessings waiting for me as I share this gift that I have been given. I am truly focused and ready to give the people something to talk about…something to believe in. I think music…the way we hear music, and the way we hear artists, are completely changing now. Fans are looking for something real, something tangible, and something they can relate too. I believe that as a society we are getting tired of the fantasy world that music has been centered on as of late. All we want is the truth, and I believe I have a truth yet to be heard - because I am truly yet to be heard. I believe I have unfinished business to attend to. I know God is not done using me and I will fulfill my purpose."

Though out of the spotlight, Illogic continued to play spot dates periodically, recorded several compilations, EP's, and has two other completed full length projects waiting to be heard in addition to Diabolical Fun. With nearly a decade of experience under his belt, Illogic has shared stages with the likes of Wyclef Jean, Rakim, Casual, Atmosphere, Eyedea, Brother Ali, The Roots, Common, One Be Lo, Royce Da 5'9" and many other nationally recognized acts. If you have not had the pleasure of hearing material from him in the past, in the words of Spike Lee's classic School Daze: "WAKE UP"!

In a time when the music industry is slowly freeing itself from the shackles of one-hit wonders rhyming about their chains, rims and clothes, Illogic offers substance, word play and just plain…well…ill logic. Listen Closely!

"My previous works were denser, darker and in some ways depressing, because that is where I was in my life at that time and that is the music I needed to make for that time," Illogic expresses. "I'm at a different place in my life now and my music has to reflect that, so Diabolical Fun is brighter, a little more fun, and definitely more performance-geared. For once I know I'm ready for all that is ahead of me, and I am thankful for all that is behind me."

Duece Bug

dUECE bUG has been making quite a bit of noise on the east coast lately, with his unique blend of hip hop, rock, and soul; accompanied by a polarizing live performance that has become notorious in the area. dUECE has opened for hip hop heavyweights like Method Man and Redman, B.O.B, Royce da 5'9, Ghostface, Wale, Maino, Sheek Louch of the Lox, KRS ONE, La Coka Nostra, Cory Gunz and most recently, EPMD, Prodigy and Slaughterhouse. He has also performed alongside some of the underground's best known artists like Mr Lif, Fred the Godson, Apathy, Masta Ace, and La Coka Nostra/House of Pain, all within the last 2 years. dUECE bUG has performed at world famous venues such as CBGB's, Toads Place, Webster Theater, The Middle East Boston, The Globe, and The Palladium and has been featured on Vlad TV (over SIX MILLION hits combined), Shade 45 satellite radio, and MTV's Made. Due to his great buzz, he has also had many features on blogs and in the local press, including winning "BEST HIP HOP" in the Hartford Advocate's 2011 Grand Band Slam. (please see links below). dUECE bUG's versatility fits both hip hop and rock bills alike enabling him to perform at a variety of festivals, including Warped Tour, Rock and Shock Festival with Rob Zombie and Alice Cooper, and Opuspalooza to name a few. One of the hardest working atists in the tri state, dUECE has become a driving force and has defined indie work ethic. He founded the Full Blast Movement in February 2010 with his crew in an effort to unify the underground Hip Hop community in CT. With hundreds of local shows under their belt, they have, in fact, become a staple in the underground scene.

Currently, he has 3 studio releases; a demo-esque original LP entitled "Fuck.Duece.Bug", his follow up album: "Love, Duece Bug, and his latest project: "the Tex Wattsun Chronicals". In 2009 Fuck.Duece.Bug took CT hip hop to another level by stretching the parameters of what fans were accustomed to listening to, redefining "hip hop" while at the same time, staying true to its integrity and roots. Fuck. Duece.Bug includes features by Cory Gunz, Cappadonna, Ethan Issac of Edison, and was produced, recorded, mixed and mastered at Factory Underground Studios in Norwalk CT.
"Love, Duece Bug", the highly anticipated follow up cd (w/ free bonus disc) dropped June 11th 2011. While it is as wild and unconventional as 'Fuck.Duece.Bug', there is a more conscious and natural element to 'Love, Duece Bug'. It boasts production from Kenny Ca$h and Vinny Idol of D Block, and includes guest features from Cory Gunz, Mr Lif, and Blacastan.

"Tex Wattsun Chronicals" was a project Duece worked on as a gift to the true underground community- every track is produced by a different artist in the scene, including Apathy, Blacastan, Jacobi Wichita and more. Duece is currently working very hard on his next official album: "Mantis" (2013)

dUECE made his start in the NY and CT Hardcore/punk scene as a teenager and founded Blacklisted. As a singer/songwriter/frontman, dUECE made a name for himself within the hardcore scene performing on many bills and festivals including a stint on the Warped Tour. He has performed alongside such well known hardcore/metal acts as Hatebreed, AFI, 25 ta Life, Sick Of It All, and Skarhead. dUECE bUG's hardcore days are definitely still with him as he brings that very same incredible energy and infused antics to every hip hop or rock show he plays. DUECE bUG is the future.


For fans of KRS One, Wu Tang, and Big Daddy Kane.

Tuscon is hip hop. He lives it and breathes it every day. He grew up in Brooklyn battle rapping against his mother from a young age, and his complete dedication to the craft shows. Making his name in the battle rap circuit in Raleigh, he quickly grew infamous for taking no prisoners. He released a solo album called Strong Arm Down, and then he became a member of the 1100 Hunters. He's known for his nimble flow, raspy but sold voice, and great lyrics. He is heavily influenced by KRS One, Wu Tang, and Rakim.

$10 - 15


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