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Paper States

Pittsburgh PA

Those Mockingbirds

Contrary to how most bands describe themselves, Those Mockingbirds like to keep the self accolades to a minimum and let the music do the talking. Of course, there are some basic facts like the band resides in the state of New Jersey that would be irresponsible to not share. Or that they released their debut EP No Symmetry in 2010 and topped Amazon's Movers and Shakers chart. They also once kidnapped the Numa Numa guy and held him for ransom. Now, about the music; they are a rock band consisting of all kinds of sounds like drums, guitars, more guitars, keyboards and violin. At times dirty and heavy, or ambient and unresolved, it's music that is appropriate to work up a sweat to in a dirty basement. It strives to portray raw emotion, both musically and lyrically, relying only on their musical instincts. Some may even say that these four guys and one girl are quite hedonistic, because they are all about doing what feels good. It feels good to be bad, but, you know, the good version of bad.

The new EP, Fa Sol La, features a diverse selection of songs from the straight-to-the-point grunge inspired "Coast To Coast", to the, dare we say, power ballad "Don't Stray", or the out of left field diddys like "The Bloodiest Gums", all with the help of several notable names like Howard Willing (Smashing Pumpkins, OK Go, Sheryl Crow), Dean Baltulonis (The Hold Steady, The Gay Blades) and Shawn Kimon (Arctic Monkeys, Cobra Starship). Those Mockingbirds have carefully crafted this generic band bio because they have to give you some information, but the truth is they want you to listen to the music and see for yourself…..

Strange Seasons

"Beautiful, intimate, tasteful and eclectic sound from the soul, with the power and intensity of all that is indie/alternative rock–-realness often imitated but rarely manifested genuinely and wholeheartedly. Oh, and it's catchy." - Michael Gleisberg of 'Fallen Empires'

No Stranger

I used to be in a band, but we broke up. Then I was all like "Whatever," and made a solo project called No Stranger.

I write songs about life. A bunch of those songs will be coming out on an EP once I get the goddamn thing finished.



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