Guillotine Riot

Christa – Vocals. Christa has been singing and rioting since childhood and will be at it until she drops dead (hopefully on stage at age 85). She doesn’t like to talk about the brief, regrettable acoustic-rock-singer phase she went through in the early 90′s but will talk all day about her favorite female front-women, the best 80′s and 90′s hip hop albums that you need to own, why you should rebel against authority all the time (but drive safely, please –there are bicyclists and motorcyclists out there who don’t want to die because you hit them) and opera.
Christa promises that she has never, ever really set fire to an ex’s house. Or any domestic structure, really. And she wouldn’t ever set fire to any domestic structure, no matter what the rotten motherfucker did. She promises.

Paul – Bass. The happiest part of Paul’s day is when he gets his hands on his bass. This is what makes him an awesome bass player. A seriously talented musician, Paul has formerly played in bands in New Zealand and Europe. His last band, Yesterday Was Mine (London) was really great, but we’re not giving him back.
Paul is the only one of us who gets regular fan mail. Women all over the world (New Zealand! The UK! France!) write to Paul. We don’t know what they actually say to him, but we’re assuming it’s declarations of undying lust. We can’t know for sure since he never shows us the letters. Not cool, Paul. Not cool.

Alberto – Drums. He likes to hit stuff hard. He’s been hitting stuff hard (and hitting the hard stuff) since he was a teenager in Bogota, Colombia. He’s played in metal bands, industrial bands and now he breaks drumsticks and drum sets with us. We’ve never met anyone who’s loved drumming more than him so we’re keeping him (which means keeping him out of trouble).
Keeping him out of trouble, it turns out, is harder than it seems. We’re not saying that it’s hard because he grew up around things like revolutionaries, guerillas and drug cartels. We’re not saying that as a young child he got so enamored with death metal that he’s actually in league with Satan. That’s now what we’re saying at all…

John – Guitar. John’s from Southern California (maybe) and has been playing guitar since he was 12 (maybe). Formal jazz training led to playing in SoCal punk bands all over California (so he says). We learn something new and strange about John every day so we think he’s actually a government agent who just happens to be a great guitarist and friend (and we’re not saying that just because we’re trying to get on the government’s good side)

Vince Azure

ROOM 1 Vince Azure is a Singer/Songwriter from New York City who has had one thing on his mind since he first picked up a guitar at age 10; that is to be the most prolific and successful Recording Artist of his time.

Growing up in New York City meant Vincent was exposed to an abundance of different styles of music from early on. His influences range from John Mayer to 30 Seconds to Mars to Michael Buble. His different tastes in music make listening to his original songs quite an experience. Vincent’s music finds its home in the pop/rock category, but he is always eager to incorporate elements from the many different styles that he has drawn influence from; making sure his songs stand apart from all the rest. Vincent strives to write songs of quality in every way. His songs not only catch the ear, but they are rich in both their lyrical and musical components, carefully crafted and yet full of spontaneity and emotion. Vincent takes pride in writing songs that people can easily relate to. It is his hope that the music he makes will unite people everywhere and give them something to believe in.

Vincent also makes sure that he packs an equal amount of passion and vitality into every single one of his live performances. He has worked very hard at sharpening his vocal and guitar playing abilities, incorporating many different styles and always striving to grow as a musician. It is Vincent’s fierce passion for the music he plays that gives him a unique, indefinable quality that manifests itself both on stage and in the studio. It is this passion that keeps Vincent steadfast on the path to success. For Vincent, music is everything.

Vincent has been performing at several reputable venues in New York City for the past year, which includes Café Vivaldi and the famed Sidewalk Café. He will continue to grow as a songwriter and performer, winning over his audiences and preparing to make the leap to become a Major Label Recording Artist.


We are a NYC based original indie rock band starting a revolution to get all people together to hear great rock and roll. We play edgy rock and roll with important relate-able life themes. We have been likened to Janis Joplin, Led Zeppelin and Santana. Every gig is a fun, inclusive community event with a fundraiser. We are going after a big dream and hope to inspire others to go after their own. As we go you go!!!!

SUCKER is Candi Vee (bass and lead vocals), Janson Harris (guitars), and TimmyPrime (drums), a three piece female fronted original rock and roll band based out of Scranton, Pennsylvania. Sucker finished its second EP in the summer of 2012, described by the group’s local music magazine as “one of the most dangerously rocking local spins in recent memory” and officially released its first full length album on March 15, 2013.



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