Scout Niblett

Scout Niblett

Emma Louise Niblett, better known by the stage name Scout Niblett, is an English singer and songwriter. Her music is frequently minimal in style, many of her songs consisting merely of vocals accompanied by either drums or guitar, which she mostly plays herself. She is known for her intimate live shows.

Dope Body

Dope Body formed in December-of-
2008-Baltimore as an experiment in
musical instincts, jamming and writ-
ing the simplest one-part/one-riff/
one-minute little jerk-off songs that
were the first thing to come to mind
(most ended up on their first tape “20
Pound Brick”). They then set up a novelty basement show in this super-small/shitty-dungeon/black-mold basement, with the Great Intention of trying to stoke primal hardcore thrash vibes in both the music and audience, which at that point in time was kind of lacking in Baltimore (mostly dance- party-Wham City-style absurdist shit). It was a great mess of an experience with drunken beer flying, shirts tearing, glass breaking, strings snapping, amps frying, cigarette smoke asphyxiating... so much fun that a silent acknowledgement was made: don’t stop doing this, something feels too right about it. Dope Body strove to play that kind of show over and over again since then, somehow maintaining a work ethic, being fairly prolific without the threat of taking them- selves too seriously – iieeeah!

SVT 2.0


The Strange Victory Touring Company will both celebrate our two-year anniversary and and lament Derek Becker's retirement from booking with three nights of strange and victorious music at The Hideout in Chicago, IL:

Thu 9/19 Tyvek & B L A C K I E
Fri 9/20 Dustin Wong (record release) & CAVE
Sat 9/21 Scout Niblett & Dope Body

Yes, Derek Becker will wrap up his ten-year tenure as a booking agent at the end of October, followed by a brief sabbatical of research and reflection. After that? "Announce date pending," says Becker. But judging by his Facebook posts, much of the time he'll miss with the two-year-old SVT will be replaced by time spent with his three-year-old daughter...!

From November to infinity, the Strange Victory torch will be carried forward by Nicole Yalaz and Luke Knee. The two remain committed to doing creative, unlame and meaningful work with their badass group of artists.

Special thanks to Dan K and Drag City, who partnered with Yalaz and Becker nearly two years ago to get the company up and running, supplying food, water, shelter and guidance. This support will always be appreciated, and never forgotten. Moving forward, Strange Victory will be its own entity, yet ever-friendly and simpatico with their soul brothers and sisters at Drag City.



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