"Cream Dream is a 19 year old DJ and Producer from Long Island who blends classic sounds from 1970's Disco, Funk and Soul with eclectic beats inspired by House, Bass, Hip Hop, Techno, Deep House and Lo Fi. Cream Dream developed his signature style while DJing at high school and college house parties, where his sets could skip between Southern Rap, 90s French House and ambient, experimental electronica without missing a beat.

Cream Dream's creative process involves translating visual inspiration from nature, modern art (particularly the work of De Stijl and Bauhaus), 50s-80s advertising, video games and comics into audio. Little is lost in translation. Cream Dream's records conjure surreal, yet hyperfocused, atmosphere: pink beaches, volcano-side bars, rainforest tree houses, underwater nightclubs, distant neon nebulas.

To date, Cream Dream has released 3 EPs: Total Babe, Paradiso and Spliffy Beats Vol.1. Cream Dream's debut LP, 'Love Letter' is slated for release by Mishka Records in the Summer of 2012. Dedicated to the Kings and Queens of the bygone disco era, the musicians who first inspired Cream Dream to produce, Love Letter is the kind of timeless look into the past that can only be pulled off by a musician who is moving at the speed of light into the future.

Outside the rainbow radiance reflecting from his ever-expanding collection of vintage disco balls, Cream Dream enjoys photographing his pug dog and getting higher than Rick James on a plane."

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