Champion, The Drood


Champion incorporates retro video game sounds and live drumming. We are a Chiptune band.

The Drood

A melding of electronic and analog instrumentation, The Drood is a four piece act which hails from the Denver/Boulder area.

Orbit Service

"This band is in a class of its own, where the more sociopathic side of Pink Floyd meets the twisted musical imagery of The Legendary Pink Dots and Edward Ka-Spel, as unlikely as it seems. Emotionally draining and highly recommended."
- François Couture, All Music Guide

Orbit Service is the musical project of Colorado-based producer/engineer Randall Frazier (helmet room, Bela Karoli, Kal Cahoone) produced in collaboration with Kim G. Hansen (Antenne), Dennis Swanson (Day Dissolved Dream) and Kirill Nikolai (Still Light).

"Atmospheric sounds of shifting density like time lapse images of weather patterns."
- Dave Herrera, Westword

"…this imaginative Colorado quartet gently weaves acoustic guitar, soft electric guitar, tranquil drums and often subliminal keys, bass and accordion into a dreamy mix…"
- Bryan Reesman, Downbeat Magazine

"Immense, beautifully epic sadness…."

"Orbit Service delivers an atmospheric dose of brooding, black hole rock. Eerie strings hang over the album like dark, velveteen drapes, and an ambient moodiness prevails."
- Georgiana Cohen, Splendid Magazine

"The group's layered, melancholic sounds will blow its listeners' minds."
- Kevin Hopper, Albuquerque Journal

Church Fire

once upon a time overandover throughout eternity already and soon to be from 8th grade algebra to a never ending microkorgy, we danced. and we made you dance. and you are dancing. and it is evil.

Vj DizyPixl

To provoke thought through imagery, VJ DizyPixl (Alie Lane, Denver CO) fuses everyday images of pop culture, current events and motion graphics to produce live interactive visual installations. With an inherent love of art and imagery, DizyPixl's presentations offer open personal interpretation while providing an intense backdrop to many genres of music.

Using film clips, found footage and computer graphics as the basis of her work, the self-taught VJ recalls her inspirations of early expressionist film maker Fritz Lang; later avant garde filmmakers Stan Brakhage, Meya Darren, and Alejandro Jodorowsky and inspired performance visuals of Meat Beat Manifesto and Skinny Puppy.

DizyPixl is currently working with cEvin Key(Skinny Puppy) during his Tokyo Decadence tour and just finished a North American tour with Subconscious Communications(Subcon Beyond Fest) that featured Download, Otto Von Schirach and Dead Voices On Air.

DJ Hepster Pat



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