The Casualties

The Casualties

The Casualties members aimed to return to what they viewed as the "golden era" of street punk, embodied by bands such as The Exploited, Charged GBH, which they believed had disappeared by 1985. During the early years, the lineup was stable. The initial lineup consisted of Colin and Jorge on vocals, Yureesh on drums, Hank on guitar, and Mark on bass. Colin stepped out for several months to finish his education while Rachel, Rivits' singer, took his place.
At this point, Colin, Jorge, Yureesh, and Mark put together a demo. Fred replaced Hank, but then Fred left to go to school, and Scott from C-Squat filled in. Another guitarist, Steve, from Distraught, also filled in during this period. The EP 40 Oz. Casualty was recorded. By 1992, the band was touring and building up a fan base in NYC. In 1993, bassist Mark and guitarist Fred were replaced by Mike and Jake, respectively and Yureesh was replaced by Shawn on drums in 1994. In 1995, the band's second release, the "A Fuckin Way Of Life" E.P. was released on Eyeball Records. In 1996, Shawn left the band, and Meggers of the Rivits came to fill in and became the regular drummer. The line-up of Jorge, Jake, Mike and Meggers continued until 1997. Johnny (Of The Krays) served as bassist until 1998 (a position more permanently filled by Rick later that year).
The Casualties have continued to produce high-energy recordings and they have done US and international tours (e.g., Europe, Japan, and El Salvador). Under Attack was released on SideOneDummy Records in 2006, and they toured virtually non-stop for three years in support of the album. Their newest album, We Are All We Have, was released on the SideOneDummy label on August 25, 2009.
In December 2009, The Casualties toured alongside Hatebreed, The Acacia Strain, Crowbar, and Thy Will Be Done as part of the Stillborn Fest.
The Casualties are currently recording a new album with famed producer Zeuss, which is set to be released in Summer 2012.


What some have said about this happenin' young group:

"I didn't have hair before I listened to InCircles. Let go of my goddamn bicycle! Do do do do do!" -Donald Trump

"InCircles was the reason I started doing heroin." -Lindsey Lohan

Through my life, there have been two moments which have stood out vibrantly from the rest: the day I figured out the mathematics of general and special relativity and the day I discovered InCircles. -Albert Einstien
The band is pleased to announce the March, 2013 release of “YoungBlood”, our first full-length LP on MonkMusic Records.
Digital downloads and physical CDs are NOW AVAILABLE from CD Baby, Itunes and all other digital outlets.
A limited vinyl pressing will also be available featuring the 11 original songs produced and mixed by the multiple Grammy award-winner Cynthia Daniels

Lead singer Jewlee is a heavy-hitting singer, cross between Jim Morrison, Patti Smith and Kurt Cobain with a singular lead and rhythm guitar style that powers this amazing trio. Years of practice from the earliest times of their lives, bass player Eric Ponto and drummer Tyler Allen have sharpened their band, InCircles into a finely tuned rock 'n roll machine . Audiences have been packing local clubs in NY and on their homebase Long Island for years.

Notable releases include: Inertia (full length, 2009) and Bicycle (EP, 2012), YOUNGBLOOD (full length, 2013)
Please contact us for any shows, harassment and/ or comments.

Playing a fruity, blood-spattered blend of punk, blues and old fashioned rock n' roll, InCircles will have you clawing your face off in sheer ecstasy.

The Prozacs

The Prozacs are a Pop Punk band formed by J Prozac in late 2001 from the ashes of the Massachusetts (USA) band, The GrandPrixx. Years of line up changes, off and on touring and many studio sessions has produced 3 full length albums and several split, EP and comp releases on various indie labels. The 2008 lineup of J Prozac (guitar/vocals), Jimmy Craig (drums) and Adam Taylor (bass/backing vocals) has remained the most steady and current line up, along with former long time drummer Matty Prozac occasionally filling in the drums. Bringing together many influences from the Lookout! Records era of punk rock ,the attitude of bands like Screeching Weasel & The Queers, Descendents, the melody and fun of 1950'/1960's pop, and of course The Ramones, The Prozacs keep moving ahead with all the heart and passion, keep true rock & roll alive.

Split releases with The McRackins from Vancouver, Canada, Super White Garlic from Sicily, Italy and local pop punkers No Intention hit the streets between 2009-2011....followed by the release of the comp disc "Cleaning Out The Closet" in 2011 and "Is This How It Ends?" in 2013. Writing has begun for a fourth full length album with hopes of release in 2014. Catch ya at a show!
The Prozacs a are a poppy punk band from the Westfield, Massachusetts area. The band has released 3 full length albums and several splits and 7" records on various labels with various members. The band started in September 2001 and continues to play shows and release new material.
Band Interests
Punk Rock and roll!
Artists We Also Like
Queers, Screeching Weasel, MTX,Ramones,Riverdales..

New Redscare

We believe in Revolution. We believe in Rock n Roll.
Fancy, fast, raw, rock 'n roll from the harbingers of the Whiskey Revolution. Formed in 2011 in the loving arms of Albany, NY and spreading... We are waiting to come to your town...
Rock n Roll!!!!
Band Interests

The Moneys

We are not a political band, We are an economical band...
Band Interests
Money,Booze,The Color Green
Artists We Also Like
Gg Allin, Biggie Smalls



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