Nightbox have dedicated their life's work to the primal bliss that rhythm brings, and their labours have consistently borne joyous, funky fruit.

"'Utopia,' the new track by Toronto disco revivalists Nightbox, sounds, well, utopian, as its gleaming synths and pulsing rhythmic elements conjures up images of a brighter, better future. When singer Jake Bitove calls out, “Take you away / Take you away / Utopia,” in his smooth, high-but-not-too-high cadence, it’s an offer that’s hard to refuse, whether he’s welcoming you to the dancefloor or some city of tomorrow. But it’s when the buzzier guitar textures enter the scene that this “Utopia” feels the most real, giving the neon-lit atmosphere some grounding. Nightbox will be releasing its debut album later in 2013." --Popmatters


The members of Music For Animals are back with a new band!

Silver Hands

A San Francisco/Los Angeles-based Electronic Duo. At times sounding like Julee Cruise's tracks from the Twin Peaks soundtrack, on other tracks, tapping into the spacey textures of cosmic synth sounds and the hypnotic dance drones of Chris & Cosey. Meditative, hypnotic and utterly alluring.


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