Don’t let the dark shades and black beard fool you. Brinson is not trying to disguise anything. In fact, he’s trying to do the opposite – share the innermost parts of himself through hip hop.

Such transparency often manifests itself in songs about his love for Jesus and those in his community. It will also be revealed in heart-gripping tales like “Shoulda Told ‘Em” or “Breaking Down” where the author exposes his regrets and honest emotions.

But there’s raw energy in his rhymes too. Brinson is not afraid to make bold statements (“Don’t Rap No More”) or simply share the joy of a life that has been made pure and free in the sight of the Savior.

His passions are backed by over a decade of experience and training as an ordained minister and studies in the renowned Music Business Program at Belmont University in Nashville, TN. He is a 2011 graduate of the SOMMET Ministry School, has traveled and performed his music on international stages, and was recognized as an Honoree at Atlanta’s Holy Hip Hop Awards.

It all led to his founding of GodChaserz Entertainment (GCE) which has since released over 20 Christ-centered hip hop albums by a roster of artists designed to inspire, uplift, and entertain. The works of Brinson and his GCE family have been covered by various media outlets including, NPR, MTV, S.O.U.L. Magazine,, The Houston Chronicle, The Wade-O Radio Show and

In 2012, the company partnered with Syntax Distribution for the release of his No Other Heroes album and saw videos for their releases featured on national television stations such as JCTV, GMC, and WayTV.

In short, Brinson is a rapper less concerned with outside appearances than with the positive change that can occur underneath

Ascension Worship

Ascension’s purpose is to ignite a passion within the local church, encourage the body to be the hands and feet to a world that is in need of Love and to be a catalyst for growth in the Kingdom of God.

Cstraight was born and raised in Jacksonville, FL where he lived with both parents and his twin brother. His family raisedhim in church from the age of 3 to adulthood. During his younger years, he fell in love with hip-hop culture after seeing "Leaders of the New School" video for "PTA", and afterward, he was hooked. Cstraight loved Wu Tang, AZ, NAS, Biggie,and many more hip-hop artists. Cstraight accepted Jesus as his Savior at the age of 13, and during the coming years, he would develop an interest in rhyming.
He joined a Christian rap group, "The Remnant", and although the group never released an album, they touched many people with the gospel through countless events and functions. Later, Cstraight would endure, and eventually succomb to some of the pitfalls of high school and college life after being sheltered within the walls of home and church. As many youth that grow up in the church do, he also began to feel as though he was missing out on something. This curiosity drew him away from the things of God which resulted in fornication and loosing the gift of virginity. During his early 20's, he began to attend a Word-based church. Not only did this church teach him the Word of God, but also he had an in depth encounter with God. Cstraight began to submerge himself more into the things of God and serving in his local ministry. In 2004, Cstraight released his first solo album, "The Nearest Truth" under the rap-name "Likewise".

During that same year, Cstraight met his wife at work. They dated for a year, then committed themselves to covenant of marriage in May 2005 after which they both served in youth ministry.Today, they are raising two beautiful daughters in a Godly home, but things weren't always this perfect. In 2006, they gave birth to their first son who tragically passed away 2 weeks later due to complications. This loss caused Cstraight to doubt his faith and God which subsequently led him into into the sick pleasures of sin including drinking, clubbing and neglecting his duty as a husband and father. Before long, Cstraight was at rock bottom with a broken faith, broken marriage, and a broken heart from his loss. One Sunday morning, while passed-out on the floor from a night of drinking and partying, his wife took their daughter to church and rededicated her life to God. Cstraight feeling conviction and Godly sorrow recommited his life to God. Since then, he has served God faithfully.

Not long after he rededicated his life, he reconnected with an old friend, Brinson, who was in the same ministry. While with Brinson, Cstraight was lead to serve as a hype man with no other intention but to serve and be a blessing. Cstraight rocked countless stages with Brinson for 2 years, which led to the oppurtunity to be featured on "Dats Gospel 2" mixtape and Brinson's sophmore album "OMG". These collaborations lead to an even bigger opportunity of working on his own project " So Not Cool" which will be released April 26, 2011. Recently, Cstraight and his family has relocated to Little Rock, AR because he was called to to serve on the youth empowerment team for Harmony Church of Arkansas in Little Rock, AR.

Big R

He first began his rap career as an unsaved 12 year old MC, who grew up under the likes of hip hop legends such as Big Daddy Kane, Gang Star, Cool G Rap and others. Through the years he has won many talent shows, street battles, and has worked with a number of music producers.

After becoming born-again at Livingstone College in fall 1994, contrary to popular belief he realized through a brother in Christ that he could continue to rap, but for Jesus. This brother in Christ would later bless him with Holy Hip Hop CD'S by artist such as DOC/Disciples of Christ, T-Bone, and Idol King. The wait was over, now Big R could fulfill destiny through being who God/Jesus had made him to be.

Big R's plight is to live and preach Gods word in such a practical way that masses of souls can receive (Jeremiah1:5). Big R believes that christian hip hop can be effective and soulful. He also believes that there is a niche for him in hip hop.

Big R also known as Pastor Macon is also a Pastor of Faith That Works Christian Church located in China Grove, North Carolina. He is the owner of Cross Road Youth Services, and Macon Ministries.

He is currently seeking to complete his Master of Divinity at Hood Theological Seminary located in, Salisbury, North Carolina.

His number one Goal is to "soully" win souls to the body of Jesus by preaching and teaching the Word of God to the lost(Proverbs 11:30). This will take place through crossing secular barriers (Luke 14:23), and relating to Gods people in the way Jesus did, "Strong as a Lion but Humble as a Dove" (Hosea 5:14, Mathew 10:16).

Michael Lacoste was born in St. Louis, MO. My parents separated when I was eight. After my pop left, I learned a lot about life by watching my mother. My mother, would work several jobs to support my brother and I. She worked at IHOP, UPS, Jack in the Box, the post office, etc. She did anything and EVERYTHING to support us. I learned how important it is to be selfless and dedicated to your family. Growing up without a father had a huge impact on me. I had to learn how to do a lot of things on my own. I used to get so angry because I had friends who's fathers were there for them. But, that's how I fell in love with music. I could write about stuff in my life. It was a way to relieve stress. At school, I used to rap during lunch breaks and in the hallways. People used to like my flows. But back then, I used to rap about different stuff. I grew up listening to Tupac, Eminem, Outkast, Kanye West, Nelly, and 50 Cent, so I wanted to rap about what they rapped about. Eventually, I got to rap at Pep Assemblies. My High school had about 2000 people. So rapping in front of that many people was a rush! Feeding off the energy of the crowd and stuff. That's how I fell in love with performing. I grew up not walking the Christian path. I knew of God, and I had a healthy fear of him, but I wasn't a Christian. In my mind, I didn't think that I was good enough to be a Christian. I mean, if my own father (my own flesh and blood) didn't want anything to do with me, why would God? When, I got to college at the University of Missouri-Columbia (M-I-Z Z-O-U!) my life changed. I met this guy named Clark. Clark lived in the dorms with me. He was the community advisor on my floor. Once a week, he would come by my dorm room and chill with me. At first, we would just watch Everybody Loves Raymond dvds. But, after he got to know me, he asked me about my faith... It really made me uncomfortable. No one had ever asked me something like that before. Then, he even took it a step further. He asked me, "If you died today, would you go to Heaven?". I sat there for a while and all I could say was "no". I remember being really angry at Clark. I mean, who was this guy to come and question me? But, after a while, the Holy spirit convicted me. I thought about my life up to that point, and I realized I wanted more. I needed more. So, Clark continued to reach out to me. We would meet up weekly and go over scripture. I learned about the life of Jesus Christ. I learned about being a true Christian. I wanted that so much... Something real. Later that year, I gave my life to Christ. Clark had my back through it all. He even brought me to the campus ministry that he attended (Mizzou BSU). That's where i got a family. Everybody took me in. The BSU helped me take my faith even farther. I started making rap music and everybody supported me. I wanted to make rap music that glorified God because, He has done so much for me. The least I could is make music in his honor. Also, I want to make music to reach people that were like me growing up. There are a lot of people out there who aren't being reached. There are so many people who are looked over and forgotten about because they're considered to be "hopeless". I want this music to give them hope.

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