Revivalution III feat. Spiral Arms

Spiral Arms

SpiralArms rose from the ashes of millennial bands Systematic, Forbidden and Man Made God. This sextet has one mission. That mission is to save today’s music scene by bringing true heavy melodic rock to the forefront. The band plans to accomplish that that with the release of their debut album “Highest Society”. Lead singer and founding member Tim Narducci speaks on their mission and their record, “SpiralArms has been hard at work making the perfect heavy rock record, and I know we did it. I believe it will open countless new doors and put us in front of a universal audience with no artistic boundaries. Our time is now." Friends since the age of 15, Tim Narducci (Lead Vocals) and Craig Locicero(Lead Guitar) bonded over their love of heavy metal and hard rock music. Looking back at that time period Craig reflected, they were “Probably the youngest kids in the East Bay metal scene that were drinking beer out in the parking lot after seeing bands like Testament and Exodus play.” Although the two remained friends throughout the years, they both went their separate ways and started bands of their own. After years of playing with their respective bands, the two friends contacted each other and decided it was time to start playing music together again, and in 2004 SpiralArms was born. After a few personnel changes, the band solidified their lineup. Rounding out SpiralArms is Cornbread (Bass/Vocals), who had recorded and toured the US.and Europe extensively with the band Vicious Rumors, Brad Barth (Keyboards) owner of the studio where Highest Society was recorded, Greg Narducci (Guitars) who fronted Sacramento’s own After The Silence and Ron Reeden (Drums) who plays in Steve Smyth’s Esseness project.


ZED, brand new four piece from Logan Square, performs its first full live set tonight. Featuring VEE DEE wunderkind and man about town Nick D'Vyne, the two-guitar quartet is comprised of vets of Chicago punk, psych and garage scenes (Vee Dee, Chicago Stone Lightning Band, The Tax, The Brides, Plastic Crimewave Sound to name a few). They've raided the record collections of your hip older cousin and your not-so-hip deadbeat uncle and come up with something special. Sometimes it's like Television playing Blue Cheer, or a mod band trying to keep the patrons from rioting at a biker bar, or a 1970s German revolutionary rock collective. It's a ramshackle rock 'n' roll steamroller the boys operate; laying down sticky asphalt proto-punk and metal riffs with a bluesy, buzzed groove. Come and get flattened.


Wikipedia's definition of a power trio:
A power trio is a rock and roll band format typically having a lineup of guitar, bass and drums, leaving out the rhythm guitar or keyboard that are used in other rock music to fill out the sound with chords. While one or more band members may sing, power trios usually emphasize instrumental performance and overall impact over vocals and lyrics.

Except wikipedia got it wrong. San Jose veterans Swerver have been known to deliver heavy riffs, wrapped in memorable hooks, all served up with a slightly darker tone than their contemporaries. Tapping into heavy topics such as depression, racism, and various addictions, Swerver reaches out to the fans who listen to music, rather than those who just hear it.

Tuco Ramirez

Made up of former members of old bay area bands like 6 Liter, Canyon Creep, Mangy Hi - Fi, American Nightmare, Nurse Ratchett, and others you ain't heard of.

But it matters not, for this mix of Skynyrd meets Priest, Tesla meets Danzig, Aerosmith meets Pentagram...( you get the idea ) is fixin' to burn a name and a trail of it's own....
Singer Rick Navarro, Bassplayer Andrew Prentice, and Guitar player Steve LaFlamme, who used to be known as 6Liter joined up with Jerry and Tony from Canyon Creep. This group got the ball rolling with an ep recorded in summer of 2010 in Steve Azevedo's garage. Steve engineered and mixed the 6 songs, and Billy Anderson (yes, that Billy Anderson) mastered the disc.

Shortly after, Original drummer Jerry Rivera was forced to quit due to neck problems. After trying out a few replacement drummers, a bolt of rock drum lightning named Kevin Strutz came into the picture and immediately made a huge impact . Coming soon : New and stronger songs, recordings, and shows !

$10.00 - $12.00


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